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Dying, or Dead? (1 Viewer)

John Oberon

Senior Member
Really? A high school friend of hers is in a coma for 4 months, and she's just now learning about it? Don't buy it.


Music Guru
Retired Supervisor
Why not? I discovered a lifelong friend of mine died eight months after it happened, so yes, this is plausible.

I'm not equipped to give the piece any deep detail (I'm best with SPaG really), but I was moved by it as a whole. I thought it was very realistic, especially in the age of the internet when you can stumble on things like I did in reality. Is this based on a real incident?


WF Veterans
Yeah this really happened, not so much the four months part, though. I dont see a problem with the four months deal. We never text, never hang out, she's eight hours away, and now, after they stopped updating her page, I'm in the dark.


WF Veterans
I have no issue with the time frame. I think when we are young we call some people friends, but in reality are just acquaintances. We like to hear from them and are saddened when bad things happen to them and I feel that is what we have here.

As for the story, I thought it was well written. I did see one minor thing.

My thumbs froze of the phone keyboard...I think this should be froze on or maybe froze over.

As for your friend, I would try and reach out to her parents.

John Oberon

Senior Member
Huh, I guess I relate to my friends differently, because I kept in pretty close contact with my high school friends after graduation. So this is more like an acquaintance, someone you knew, maybe had a few laughs. Alrighty then.

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