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Duotrope? (1 Viewer)


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So I just purchased a membership with Duotrope on a friend's suggestion (submitting short stories to publications) but then someone else mentioned it's unnecessary because most of these literary publishers use the same system called "submittable" and I should just use that system.

What say you? Ditch Duotrope? Any recommendations on tracking submissions, or how you manage your submissions is welcome. Thanks!
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Darren White

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I use the free Submission Grinder. Duotrope is good too.
Submittable is more a submission client used by magazines and publishers, you can keep track in it of submissions you did using that system.
So it's not either/or but and/and.

See Duotrope and Submission Grinder more as a way for magazines to advertise they are there and to show you what kind of submissions they expect from you.

Chris Miller

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I like the Grinder, too, which is free. Its subsidiary, Diabolical Plots, is an SFWA qualifying publisher. As to Submittable, I'll use it, but don't like it for some reason. I don't think I've ever placed anything through it. I've never really tracked my submissions, except through gmail.