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Dune (1 Viewer)


We have all heard of this famous series before, and i just have to say that it is the greatest sci fi i have read, and the longest too. Im only on the 4th book, God Emperor of Dune after 3 months.

i was floored with the first 3, but with the 4th it seems a little strange and off, with the universe that jumped a few millenia, but maybe that is me.

Does anyone also like it? also, do you know of any sci fi similar to Dune?

Mike C

WF Veterans
First one is excellent, next two are pretty good. If you finish the third, stop there, they get progressively awful as they go on.

Closest in scale I can suggest SF-wise is Asimov's Foundation series. Again, the original Trilogy is better than the rest.


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ugh... the first HALF of the first one was excellent... i thought the rest was utter trash. he spent so much time crafting a beautiful world in the first 150 pages....something like 2 days passes in that time... and then the next 75? Something like months go by..or was it years? It was like he just lost his love for the story about halfway through and wanted to speed things up so he could write the sequel. It felt criminal!

no offense, because I know it's a well loved book... but another thing that bugged me was that herbert goes on and on about 'plots within plots' and the 'political twists and turns'... he talks about the fact that there ARE plots more than he actually SHOWS them happening. That's one of the first no-nos in any writing class, isn't it? Now, the game of thrones series... THERE'S a series with plots within plots within plots, complete with more political twists than I can count on my fingers (or toes too.. so you know it's a heckuva lot).

then again, maybe im being too harsh...it wasn't exactly written today..and its a pretty important novel in the sci fi genre, historically I think.... maybe it's just not for me. It was beautiful writing... and maybe that's why those minor things took the book down so many levels for me... people had hyped the book up a lot in my mind..and it was so close to hitting home that where it did fall short just ended up making me resent it all the more. Maybe calling it 'utter trash' in the first paragraph was a bit strong, but the book broke my poor little blankslatejoe heart.


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Ah Dune... A series I both love and hate.

I found the first two books the most interesting. Though I didn't really like how the end of the first book was really rushed. I didn't find the third and fourth books all that good. The Third one seemed to me to leave out a ton of stuff. There where all these plots going on and it seems like Herbert forgot about some of them by the time he got to the end. The fourth one was just kind of boring. Oh sure it had a lot of interesting ideas and dialogue but not that much really happened. The fifth and six books I found to be more interesting just because they delve into another aspect of the universe Herbert created. I think the last two could have been far more interesting if he hadn't died before finishing the seventh book that supposedly ties book 5 and 6 together.

All-in-all Dune is a bit dated but an important classic of the soft sci-fi genre that every fan of sci-fi should at least read a bit of.