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dumb poem (1 Viewer)

Davi Mai

Senior Member
(can't post it in the poetry workshop because I can't critique poetry in return, as you'll agree if you read this thing. Not qualified!. Nor is it serious. Tavern seems the best place for idle vomitations into keyboards? but I'm sure mods will delete if necessary)

"A pervert's escape"

A tumultuous world in lockdown
The last super power led by a clown
Science denied, and experts ignored
Conspiracy theorists, just stupid or bored?
I escaped my twitter prison today
Drove to the hills, just to get away
A zephyr made leaves and litter dance
She stood at the lookout; I sneaked a glance
As the wind blew harder, the timing uncanny
It lifted her skirt, showed a flash of white panty
I smiled all the way home, my faith revived
Hope is not lost. Small wonders survive!
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Poetry Mentor
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Senior Mentor
I thought this was friggin hilarious ;) Loooveit.... was not expecting the ending, which made it all the more delicious.... ahhh, sometimes it takes soooo little to make one happy...anyway, enjoyed! Hope to see you posting in the Poet's showcase... don't be shy....

Davi Mai

Senior Member
Thanks! I'd be an imposter in the Poetry forums. But I'm glad this made you smile. Currently trying to think what my next short story will be about.