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Dreams... (1 Viewer)


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I've always marveled at how people claim to remember dreams so vividly. We all dream I'm sure, and some more vividly than others probably but for me, while I know that I dream, could never remember a second of any of mine, good or bad. Until last night.

So much so, that right now, as I type, it's haunting me, I might just attempt to put together an account of it with my very own take on how I might interpret it. And that's another thing, these people who analyze dreams, messages etc. mmm, don't know about that.

I'm still pondering the dream, re-running it over and over in my head, and wondering how to present it.

Any of you got views on the subject of dreams?


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Yes. You want to buy the book? (Sorry, it's not all written yet!)

Quick preview: I see dreams as "echoes" of realities/time tracks which "could have been" and almost were. The vague dreams...well, they kinda sorta could have happened. The really intense dreams...that's a reality which you were very, very close to.

When it's really, really real it's no longer a dream...at least for you. And here in your old reality your friends and family buy a plot and hold a funeral.