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Dreams of the Chimaera (1 Viewer)


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Dreams of the Chimaera

Imprisoned by a stolen bubble, Chimaera bound,
hope in him born anew as he spied the Ibis scribe
perched upon the Echo’s lost clockwork hound.

Thoth, Ibis Scribe, saw old Nog stand his ground
with quiet mien mowed through the Bogey Tribe,
to the fate of the lost blues his own was bound.

Beyond Gibbous Stair to a place of great renown,
trace a Hero’s Belt to the home of the Nile Scribe,
a god borne by Echo’s forgotten clockwork hound.

Riddle for the Sphinx, lore in a sun brick laid down
by Thoth of Babel in the glyphs of Pharaoh’s tribe,
as great otter paws ‘cross the desert sands bound…

Copper ears prick at the hum of the sand’s round,
golden grains upon a glass—a verse of cruel gibe
call to the lost Lore, the tireless clockwork hound.

Race for the Tatter Shore as the moon shines down.
Seek the banished, the disgraced, the ragtag tribe—
So dreams the Chimaera, in a stolen bubble bound.
Hope in the held by a god perched on a lost hound.

The majority of Nog's tale can be found here
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