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Dream Weaver (1 Viewer)


One beautiful morning...

A great oak tree; shimmering with a sunset's sentiments, tickled by a warm breeze,
steam breathes from a cup of tea, a salad with nuts and leaves completes your morning.
Fuzzy four-legged felines with green eyes find sanctuary beneath the light of Spring,
fighting to see who'll be King, your mind plots and dialogues scenes.

You wander to the garden, a refreshing harvest of carrots, potatoes and squash,
to find a majestic critter enjoying a respective dinner of tomatoes with moss.
His technicolor skin, an iridescent blend of blues and purples,
a symbol of patience and transformation; giving you 'clues' in hurdles.

You waltz over to the creak, where chipmunks dance and hummingbirds sing,
seven saints spill sapphires into crystal clear streams, humbly mumbling a beat.
A woman wakes from her beauty sleep, Snow White skin and blooming cheeks,
her voice; something truly sweet, a fair princess known for inducing dreams.

You find children dressed funny, running around with fairies and pirates,
lost boys who never age, forever eight, selflessly sharing surprises.
The one in green seems merry and timeless, every word felt sly,
"dry them crocodile cries, if you BELIEVE, then you'll learn to fly!"

In a world of fairy godmothers and dragons - Gods and spirited toys,
your imagination is the key to discovering a life of limitless joy.
Like a man who went the distance and conquered a nemean beast,
to protect the people he loves instead of worrying about Athenian greed.

You discover the sands of time, gold and fine, along the Atlantic sea,
listening to a siren's chimes calling all sailors to the Atlantis deep.
Crimson hair and clover scales, she welcomes you with a cryptic wink,
tempted to dive in before silence smothers and the image sinks.

You meet a bear being erratic and a barely behaving baboon,
a pretentious panther pants politely behind the parading buffoons.
You're invited to indulge in bare necessities and zany costumes,
to create creative creations creatively on grainy mushrooms.

You see a mouse wearing a wizard's robe whipping waves with a wand,
splashing your face and with a shiver, wonderland is gone.


Senior Member
Nice imagery! I like the ending with the mouse waving a wand. Cool image. What did you mean by splashing your face? Was this a element of magic (water?)