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dream analysis I had (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Below is a dream analysis I had from fiverr.. it says a lot about me and hit some things sqaure on the head... any opinions.

Jessica Kille
Dream Interpretation
Client: Kunoxian
January 4, 2021

Hello again! Thank you so much for your order! I have reviewed your dream sequence and my analysis is below. I’m just going to jump right in without the first impressions.

I think the teenage girl is your inner self. She is chasing you down because you are running away from, or not embracing, who you are on the inside. Your golden records or record books symbolize the story of your life and what your future could hold. You are stuck between this man body person and the girl-ninja person you want to be. The limbo you are in is kind of driving you crazy because you keep vacillating between the two but never fully embracing either. This very thing is symbolized by the different rooms- old room/ new room. What you want and what you are. The junky room is all of your wavering indecision & procrastination about what you want to do with your life and who you want to be. Can you embrace one persona or another? Is there judgement from family if you do? Is there fear surrounding that? These are things you need to face. The gold prize is your life the way you want it. Your inner self is telling you, begging you to be who you really are, Jennifer. Do you want to be a strong woman? Do you want to be a man? Do you want to identify as something else? Do you want to be a writer? Do you want to get out of your parents’ home and live a healthy life?
You can do all those things if you decide to. Are you happy where you are at in your life? You don’t seem to be. But you can if you start making changes now. All this running around in your dreams, all the quests for the prize- you are internally longing for the very things you want, but yet you aren’t moving towards those goals. The girl is trying to tell you to make some kind of movement, stop denying who you really are. Write and finish the books. Learn how to publish them. You can do these things if you overcome your fears. You are in your 30’s, right? It’s time to be you.
You making the things disappear is your denial of their existence to the outside world. The existence of your unhappiness, your want for more but inability to attain it. You are the only one stopping yourself from getting and being what you want. All of these dreams have the same theme. Love yourself, embrace who you really are, achieve what you want to achieve. You want to be a girl ninja? Be one. You want to be a published author? Be one. Make it happen. Figure out the steps you need to take to get there. Get out of your own way. Believe in your own potential.

Kunoxian, I hope that this has helped to clarify things for you. I’m sorry if it was a little harsh, but I think your inner self is overly frustrated by the way things are in your life and is urging you to make changes so you can be happy. If you have any questions, let me know.
Thank you again for coming back for another interpretation, I appreciate it!
All the best-