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Hey all,

Just figured I'd throw my hat into this wonderful ring. My name is Xavier Gonzalez, and I'm new to the writing world. Although I'm 118K words into my first novel (that I'd love to publish eventually), I really haven't reached out to anyone in this process. As such, I'm just looking to meet people and expand my knowledge and skillsets for this potentially noble, potentially formidable adventure.

Xavier Gonzalez


Staff member
Welcome! :)

Feel free to drop excerpts into the Fiction Workshop. Most of us who have written novels can testify that there are generally things to work out from the first draft as you move forward toward a polished Opus #1. Mentors and other experienced writers here will be happy to point you in the right directions. I only wish I'd found this place while I was working on my first. I had to figure out everything the hard way ... all by myself.


Welcome aboard. You've come to exactly the right place at exactly the right time. I'm looking forward to reading a snippet from your novel.


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Welcome aboard!

Happy you decided to join us, we've been awaiting your arrival and have fresh baked cookies! :cookie:

*...huh? No cookies? Well, we have to have something for the newbie. Check the cupboards for God sake!...Crackers? Do we at least have cheese to go with them? Gah! Stale Saltines?!*

Sooooo, make yourself at home...and have a cracker :icon_cheesygrin: