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Don't forget to USE VIDEOS to promote your books! (1 Viewer)


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Many authors (including me) often overlook the use of videos as part of their book promotion activities. For example, I frequently give speeches (15 to 20 per year) on topics related to my nonfiction books. But I’ll admit that I rarely take the time to record these talks and share them on social media sites. I could expand my audience if I simply recorded and shared these events on my author website and social media sites. Better yet, you can increase engagement of viewers by streaming these events in real time using FB Live or similar platforms and reply to questions from the online audience during the event.

Another way to use videos to promote your book is to record a short video of yourself describing your book and its benefits to readers. Then upload it to your book’s listing on Amazon. To do this, look for the video icon near the bottom of your Amazon listing where it says “Related video shorts” and click the link labelled “Upload your video.” It’s easy and free! Just be aware that the video file must be .MP4 or .MOV and under 500MB in size. I’ve found that it sometimes takes a week or more for my video submission to get approved and displayed.

If you have sufficient time, you can start a YouTube channel and record yourself discussing meaningful content at least once per week. For example, you can give tips from your nonfiction book, discuss backstories about characters in your novel, or answer questions from readers. In other words, post anything that may interest your book’s target audience.

I hope this tip helps. What other ways do you use vids to promote your books?

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