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"Don't be shy. Step up and introduce yourself." - Aww... do I have to? (1 Viewer)



I was loitering around in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum area... place...topic -- what ever you call it. I felt kind of guilty for not welcoming them, but I couldn't welcome them without being welcomed myself, right? It would be like a stranger walking into your house, then offering you your own tea. If you get what I mean. If not... just ignore me. I prefer that in most cases, anyway. :mrgreen:

So what do I say? I guess I could give you my life story, but I don't want you falling asleep on your keyboard. More specifically, when your head crashes down upon your keyboard, thus breaking it, I don't want to be responsible. Let me think 'bout how to introduce myself...

Ouch. Maybe that wasn't a good idea...

I guess I'm a dreamer. You know, one of those people with their head 'in the clouds.' Except my head doesn't stop with the clouds. It prefers to be with the glittering things in the midnight sky.

I like to dream about being an author some day. Not just any author--a good author. No, I won't kid myself. I want to be a great author. I want to write a book that stirs peoples' feelings and thoughts. I want to write a book that sticks in peoples' minds long time they finish the book. Fat chance. Fun to dream about, though. Sometimes I think and remind myself of a little girl staring out her window at night, hair blowing in the wind while she dreams of becoming a princess.

Dreaming (for me) about being an author has its ups and downs. Because I want what I write to be published some day, I'm very mindful of how it sounds, and I work extra hard on it. But, because of that I stress about my writing too much. I'll give the first 4000 words to a friend, and be so nervous about their reaction, I almost make myself physically sick. I'm very quick to chip away my own confidence.

Last night, I was tossing and turning in my bed, fighting with myself. I had given up on being an author after reading what I had wrote so far on my third attempt at the same book. I told myself it didn't matter; I loved to write, so I should--it doesn't matter that it doesn't sound like my favorite books I pull off one of my shelves. But I tell myself that all the time, I never believe it. Depression still swamps over me when I reread my fantasies (yes, that was exaggerated).

While I was fighting with myself, I realized there would be forums on the internet where I could find help (Ha ha... I sound like I'm a psycho in need of a psychiatrist). I would be able to ask all my odd questions. And answer (Well... try to) others' questions, too. And help them with their writing. I believe the better I can help others with their writing, the better I can help myself with my own, you know?

Ick. Sorry for the too-long post. I tend to do that-
:oops:-write too much.


Note: I refuse to be held liable if my too-long post causes you to break your keyboard.


Welcome to the community, Moo. Enjoy!

Not to worry—we all have doubts and downtimes. I rarely like anything I write too, if that helps. Ah, but we keep learning and keep at it because writing is a large part of who we are. :)