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Don Quixote - Man of la Mancha (1 Viewer)


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Some may disagree with me, but I am one of those people out there who absolutely loves Miguel Cervantes' novel. It speaks on a lot of levels that I think we can still relate to. The entire concept of being disgusted by the world around you and aspiring to be rise above the much to become something greater.

Absolutely love this novel. I've read a few of the adaptations and no matter who does the translation, I still love the story.

Anyway, just my little guilty pleasure.
Fantastic. Loved this book. Loved the ay Cervantes explored imagination and parodied the fiction of the time. Never been a talent quite like him since.


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Overall I thought this book was okay. I think it was partly the style of writing that got me, but that could be just because it was a translation. I know it's not because it's a classic because there are many other classics that I love.

I did love many parts of the book and laughed out loud on several parts, but overall it was just alright for me. I will still always remember, though, the scene where Sancho used the bathroom off the side of his donkey (very quietly so Don Quixote wouldn't hear) and then Don Quixote moving away because of the smell. Absolutely loved that part! Had me laughing my butt off.