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Dominoes in the Sand (Part 7 of an adult journey) (1 Viewer)


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“Hey babe.” Cyndi said.
“I just called...”Dillon began singing, “to say...I love you.”
Laughing, “You goof ball.” Cyndi said.
“The biggest.” Dillon said.
“What’s up?” Cyndi said.
“Can you come over?” Dillon asked.
“After I take a shower.” Cyndi said, “and wash my hair.”
“I want to go out.” Dillon said
“Then I’ll dress to tease you all night” Cyndi said.
“Deal.” Dillon said.

Cyndi lit some incense and stripped down to her firm body, ironed a blouse and skirt then took a lukewarm shower.She put lotion on her skin as her hair dried and applied rose water liberally to her bussom. The only makeup Cyndi wore was eye liner and mascara. She dressed in her skirt bare. Her sister was making some food and Cyndi took a bite as she left.

Dillon opened the front door to air out the smell of Michelle. He could still smell her heat. It altered his perception. Sent him somewhere. Back to the arms of Cyndi with whom he could meld with. Oh, how cruel life can be, he thought. The splitting of a heart bleeds long. Cyndi’s car pulled up. She sashayed to the front door.
“Was that fast enough?” Cyndi asked. Dillon held her hand and slowly wrapped his broad arms around her petite frame, he swallowed her with kisses. Buried his head in her fragrant hair and fell into a quiet trance. Cyndi became altered by proximity. They became one entity, interlinked hearts. Fetal home.
“Plenty” Dillon whispered behind her ear.
“C’mon don’t get me started unless you wanna’ finish me” Cyndi said.
“I could spend eternity in your hair.” Dillon said then popped his head up. “Goddamn you’re addicting. That skirt kills me but it’s a pleasurable death.”
“You wanted to go out?” Cyndi issues a reality check..
“Let’s go to the park and sit under a tree. We can buy food on the way.”
“That sounds fun. Quality time.” Cyndi said.
“Any time with you is quality.” Dillon said then released her hand. “Let’s go.”
Cyndi drove to a park on a hill with massive walnut trees. Dillon held this woman’s tiny hand as they walked up the hill to a tree with low branches and a view of the rest of the park, then laid out a blanket and got cozy with each other. Then Dillon laid flat on his back and gazed up into the mass of branches.
“My life exists in support of yours...I am your new appendage. We are one, heart, life, breath. Just a block from heaven, love is an understatement.” Dillon said.
“Do you submit to me?” Cyndi was clearly joking.
“You are my peace.” Dillon said.

The sun was setting and the sky was streaked with purple and orange. Night Blooming Jasmine and bliss saturated the air. Moments crept up on them as they turned inside out and held hands. They broadcasted on the same wavelength and formed a honeycomb of passion that dripped sweet and slow into forever. Night was threatening as they peeled apart and gathered their things to go home. The lovers parted ways, reluctantly, having agreed to keep carnal acts sacred and resist temptation. Dissenters be damned, Cyndi and Dillon were on a plane of love where they are not effected by Earth-bound criticism. They were out of reach.

Cyndi drove Dillon home and they separated at his door with a warm kiss. Dillon. retreated to his sanctuary not feeling empty. The next month went by in a fluid manner until the last week. Dillon had a menacing dry cough that would not go away and Cyndi encouraged him
to see a doctor, immediately. Dillon wanted to wait and see his doctor but Cyndi pushed him to go to the ER. After a minute or two of banter he reluctantly agreed. The nearest hospital was the one Michelle worked at. Cyndi picked him up in the morning and they were back at a place all too familiar for Dillon. It used to repulse him but now that it contained love, the hospital took on a different look. Dillon noticed the morning sun, the marigolds in the front and engaged the familiar faces in the halls. The ER staff knew Dillon and fast tracked him into a stall. After a male doctor inspected him they decided that they wanted to admit him. Cyndi felt a sense of dread that made her heart drop, she went into the bathroom to vomit.

“I don’t like this.” a tearful Cyndi said coming out of the bathroom.
“It’ll be alright, I’m sure they just want to do some tests.” Dillon said Cyndi grabbed Dillon’s massive hand and held it to her cheek, letting tears flow from their ducts down her pretty face and then disappearing onto her sweater. “Oh, babe...remember the moment. Right now we have each other and everything’s beautiful.”
“I know, it just scares me.” Cyndi said. Dillon was taken up to the floor he was on last time. Cyndi went out to the lobby to take the elevator stopping once to go in the bathroom and cry profusely. She went up to the third floor and found Dillon’s room. She entered with red eyes blowing her cover.
“Get into my bed with me.” Dillon said.
“There’s no room.” Cyndi said.
“Nonsense, drop in right here.” Dillon said and slid his body to the edge. Cyndi climbed onto the slim bed. She laid her shaking body on top of Dillon.

“There you go...shhh. Do not fret for events that have yet to happen. Soak up the now. It is all we ever have.” Dillon said. They were heart to heart, synchronized beats. Dillon rubbed Cyndi’s back under her sweater giving a squeeze to her shoulder. Then dragged his hand down her back just barely grazing her skin until she got goose bumps and shook him off. “You have made me happy when I couldn’t define the word. Without sounding cliche, meeting you was a miracle for me and nobody can ever debate that fact in my presence. I had only a grain of hope left and it was getting weathered. Then came a dream too real for my reality.” Cyndi sat in thought about what Dillon had said.

“My intuition was right, again, of course. But I didn’t know how right it was. I feel like we could do anything. A different man you are.” Cyndi said. She stayed with Dillon and they vibrated so deep people walking by were affected. She stayed the entire day meeting the doctor and observing the large blood draw. Five fat vials. Dillon didn’t seem to mind, accustomed to the pinch of the fat needle. The doctor was a man that knew Dillon and he accepted him, joking about having a room named after him, as much as he’s there. This was all a surprise for Cyndi. The blood test would reveal it’s results a few hours more.

Dillons lungs were Cat scanned and anomalies were found. The cough was due to these obstructions. The tests came back with a sorrowful result. He had PCP pneumonia. A type of pneumonia that kills people with AIDS. Dillon knew how dangerous this was and motioned quickly for the doctor not to say aloud details of his diagnosis. Cyndi went home with reluctance in her heart and a warning that she would return in the morning. She heard the name PCP pneumonia and researched it when she got home. She tried to hold herself together but ultimately failed. Dillon gave her the keys to his apartment and asked her to bring him a particular book that was on his nightstand. She knew that Dillon knew what PCP was and was trying to protect her. She could feel his energy in his apartment and laid on his bed, holding his pillow crying. Her tears felt like blood from her wounded soul. Out of nowhere she heard a voice in her head say that he would die. But she wiped that thought clean before it had time enough to lay any roots and she denied it’s existence. All in a disappearing moment.

Dillon’s health plummeted that night. He fell into a comatose state completely unresponsive. The doctor’s tried to wake him in vain. Cyndi arrived in the morning and was able to reach through the fog and pull Dillon back to this side. Dillon opened his eyes and only saw white, then Cyndi faded in. His eyes locked onto hers and his consciousness reappeared.
The doctor asked him where he was and he didn’t know. He pulled Cyndi closer and ran his hand through her hair then caressed her scalp, seemingly in a daze. He dragged his hand along her chin then up to her cheek. Pushing tears out of her eyes with his finger and tasted then tasted them with his tongue. His eyes were locked and he felt like an onion peeled down the core She felt just as vulnerable. Dillon was a little confused and only seemed to remember his feelings for Cyndi. The doctor said his mind would recover.
Cyndi left and in came Michelle.
“Is that your girlfriend? Michelle asked a surprised Dillon.
Coughing, “I should have guessed.” Dillon said. “How are you?”
“I’m well, you’re not, do you need anything?”Michelle asked. “I’m here for you.”
“I know, thank you.” Dillon said.
“You know we all care for you, right?” Michelle said and went to the bed to walk her fingers across his chest. Dillon snatched her hand kissed it like the Royals. He returned her hand gently to her side. He finally knew what was beneath those scrubs but still undressed her with his eyes. She had candy coated curves and a body like a pleasure map. Her mountains and valleys complimented each other. To please her was a wish of Dillon”s. He would’ve manipulate body her like a musician with a Stratavarius, but not now, only, the desire was there.
“Thank you, I feel it.” Dillon said, “I’m quite fond of the staff, as well.”
“You rest, I’ll check in later.” Michelle said, and kissed him on the forehead. Hours later, Dillon’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse. Deteriorating rapidly through the night. Cyndi was called and she appeared in mere minutes in Hello Kitty pajamas. Her hair was messily held up with a pencil. Wisps of hair dangled down in front of her face. Dillon was sleeping deep when Cyndi arrived at his bedside. With Dillon asleep, Cyndi unleashed pent up tears struggling to flow like a racehorse at the starting gate . Michelle came in and offered some tissues, while getting choked up, duplicating the feelings of Cyndi.
“Would you like some tissue?” Michelle asked, doing battle with waves of sorrow that crashed on the shore of her serenity.
“Please.” Cyndi sniffs and sniffles, “Is he gonna’ be OK?”
“We’re doing everything we can. How long have you been together?” Michelle asked then tossed her mass of red hair involuntarily.
“Long enough for me to be here.” Cyndi said.
“You’re his girlfriend, right?” Michelle asked.
“Excuse me?” Cyndi said as her mind is racing.
“I saw you leave last time you were here, Dillon told me. We’re all fans of his, he’s been here a few times. He always acts nonchalant about illness, he always said that he was stronger than whatever made him sick.” Michelle said
“That sounds like him. Ya’ know what line he said actually worked on a cynical girl like me? He said that we needed each other as casual as if I dropped a quarter on the sidewalk.” Cyndi said. “Yo soy Chicana, usted?”
“My parents are from Colombia. I’m a first generation American.” Michelle said “Guero es muy guapo, si?”Michelle was in scrubs but one could tell that behind those faded blue’s was a tall, curvy, gorgeous woman.
“Yes he is, beautiful on the outside, but you can judge a book it’s cover with this one. He’s a great guy and an attentive lover. All he ever cared about was satisfying me and our first sexual contact was all about that. I had to push him to put on a condom because he said, ‘they’re not fail-proof’.”
“Funny, me and the girls would often wonder what he liked to do in bed. I knew he was a partner that beleived in service. Anyway, I’m sorry that was highly unprofessional.” Michelle said.
“No harm no foul.” Cyndi said.
“Women from the pharmacy come and pick up doctor’s orders when we normally just fax, ‘cause they want to peek at Dillon with that chiseled face and pretty eyes. Personally, I enjoy his company but hate to see him come in. When he leaves I pray that he never returns. Dillon talk to you?” Michelle asked.
“Oh, yeah, he told me everything. It was very hard for him, but he was a man and divulged his secret thinking it was some kind of deal breaker. How could any girl walk away from him when he kisses like he does.” Cyndi said.

“I bet, it’s no secret that Dillon loves the ladies. No offense, but he flirted with women that were ice cold bitches and always got them to smile and could probably get them to submit to him behind, closed doors.” Michelle said feeling guilty about having kissed her man, wanting more and was willing to give him whatever he wanted. “He was never inappropriate but when I looked deep in his eyes I wished he would touch me somewhere. Or grab my butt. He got flowers from a woman he said he met on the bus. The card said something about him being pretty. I translated the gesture, he didn’t know what she meant and doesn’t apply much value to a quality only skin deep. He really loves women, beyond our delicate shells. He said he appreciated our emotional side and our ability to be vulnerable.”

“A more pure heart I have never met.” Michelle said and her body began shuddering and the tears flowed, but she stopped herself from making obvious their fraternizing. She bravely held back the shuddering but the tears kept flowing and were now dripping from her chin, “Excuse me.” Michelle said.

“Like Dillon always told me, let it go, it’s bad for you to hold back tears.” Cyndi stood up and walked, with her arms outstretched, to where Michelle was standing. They embraced and, together, they broke down on each other’s shoulder. Letting go, wailing in harmony. Their bodies shook inconsistently and they began crying wet boulders that rolled off their face and smashed their window of content. Michelle was near panic state, but was doing a commendable job of holding herself together. She had conflicting feelings and tried hard to maintain a connection with her heart.

“Look, I gotta’ be honest with you,” Michelle unhooked from Cyndi’s arms wiping her shoulder of something that soaks in immediately. The notion was observed by Cyndi gratitude filled her heart. “Dillon and I have kissed, and I agree on you summation. He considerate, not grabbing my ass without having my approval or initiating it...his kiss is like a weapon,though, it cut me deeply, especially when I go home to an empty house. I’ve always wanted him to hold me. Bet that’s great, huh?” Michelle said giving a thorough performance not mentioning that they almost had sex and Michelle being completely in lust with him. A couple months? You guys aren’t past the constant sex, yet, are you?” Michelle asked.

“We were trying not to overdo sex and keep it sacred, so when we did go there, it was just as magical as the first time.We were two that became one. He’s great.” Cyndi said. They were both sitting on chairs that were for visitors. I’ve got to look busy, excuse me, and Michelle got up, fiddled with Dillon’s IV and faked writing in his chart. She stood at the foot of the bed.
“He will recover, right?” Cyndi said remembering something she would not admit to having, even to herself. The voice telling her that her new jewel was going to die.
“His doctor is a specialist in infectious disease. He’s good at recalling people who are ‘too far gone’. I’ve seen him work and he has a therapist-like connection to his patients they all talk to him and he genuinely listens, getting to know who’s life he’s fighting for. If the doctor was, at all, shoddy, I would see that they were changed. Dillon would dismiss him on the grounds that he wasn’t pretty enough, he doesn’t like male doctors, he likes being cared for by a woman.” Michelle said.
“Yeah,” Cyndi sniffs, he doesn’t trust men at all, has no use for them, he said. I never asked him what was up with that. I never asked about family...or even said I love you.” Cyndi said.
“Oh, sorry. His parents died in a car accident when he was a child and he has a sister, whom the hospital should have called. The next morning, Carol, showed up having driven all night to get to the hospital. His sister arrived with little Darla, Dillon’s niece. She was a year old and Dillon has never seen her.
“Oh, hello.” Carol said wearing a sheer white blouse and khaki Capri pants. She re-adjusted her daughter on her shoulder and her thick blonde hair fell out of the bun that she had, no doubt, put up in a hurry. She was trying hard to hold it together but her ter ducts were nearly bulging. Their two faces were next to each other and the baby looked like a mini version of her Mom and slightly like Dillon.
“Sister, right?” Michelle asked.
“Yes, how is he?” Carol asked and offered her hand for a shake. “It’s not really a pleasure meeting you, I’m sorry.”
“All things considered, I would expect nothing less. He has PCP pneumonia and is very sick.” Michelle said then shook his sister’s trembling hand.
“Oh, no, please no!” Carol desperately said as those ducts began to leak, “That’s the killer, right? He’s always been pneumonia prone, since he got this damn virus. I need to know visiting hours’cause I’ll be here for all of them possible. My daughter needs to sleep, I don’t.”
“Here at the hospital, he gets VIP treatment because we can’t resist. Dillon has a quality that makes you want to care for him, you can visit any time, feel free.” Michelle said.
“I didn’t come down here with my husband, I need to get a motel room. I’ll be back ASAP.” Carol said and was gone with her daughter held tight to her breast.
“She’s beautiful, almost brings out the green eyed monster, ya’know?” Michelle said. ‘

“She was sexy, just like Dillon and his niece was adorable. They all looked alike, someone has strong genes. She had those news anchor chunky cheekbones that take to blush nicely. Her body was taut, those genes are probably from his Mom. To have a child and have a body like hers is amazing, most women don’t bounce back like that. Or she just goes to the gym. She seemed know more than the doctor said about Dillon’s illness. The doctor is fully aware of what Dillon has, don’t worry.
Carol returned with food and water for everyone. A care-taker to the core she had the manners that Dillon displayed. She had barely said a word and she already looked liked she was related to Dillon.

“Come get something to eat, sweetie, you must be Cynthia. I’m Carol and I wish we could have met under better circumstances. Dillon told me a lot about you, I never heard a happier Dillon. You brought him out of very sad place. I don’t know if he mentioned it but he suffers from a diagnosis of 'severe depression’. He sounded so enthusiastic on the phone I thought he might be high, but he told me that he was under the influence of you...he told me he loved you after you went to the beach, your first date. Dillon had been alone for so long he was worried about his heart becoming atrophied. At ten years of solitude, he was in an endless chasm of misery and he said he was so deep he couldn’t see any light, even when he looked back. He only confided in me and told me that he was scared and wanted Mom back. He was a big momma’s boy and proud of it. I told him Mom was always with him and to engage her. Apparently he did, because he called one day and told me of an experience that he had. He said he casually invited Mom to lay down with him and when he got comfortable a warm sensation entered his body from his feet and moved up his body, meanwhile, tears were pouring from his eyes but he was not crying. When the heat reached his head he knew what was happening and took a deep breath to take in his mother deeply and that ended the experience, then he cried 'cause he said he was so grateful to Mom for remembering his request for a sign. That seemed to cure the loneliness that he labored under for so long, he was changed and when I came to visit even his place was different. It used to look like someone whom was sad occupied the space and even made me sad when I visited. All of a sudden, it was orderly and had plants set about. The sound of Rachmaninov sounded ‘piped in’ as if in a book store. The room smelled of Jasmine and leather. He even started dressing better.”

“You could put anything on that man and he would rock it, no matter how tacky the piece was. He could rock a plaid polyester leisure suit at an’80‘s party. I like his shoulders connected to those arms, that are like a protective vest when he puts them around me. He introduced me to the safe-house that his body is to me. But the flesh is just the flesh. He has the rare quality of being prettier on the inside, He was a gentleman and didn’t realize that the majority of women he came into contact with, would date him. His chivalrous nature stuck out like a sore thumb leaving the men around him confused, while the women wanted to be his girl. They didn’t know that he had a very needy heart that would gently tug at your intention and just wanted to serve.” Cyndi said. Dillon’s room was filled with the three people that comprised his support system. Three beautiful women. He would be proud of his girls, strong, gorgeous and together in his time of need.