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Dominoes in the Sand (Part 4 of an adult journey) (1 Viewer)


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“Don’t worry, this is on me.” Cyndi said excitedly. “I just don’t know if I will make it back to your place, I’m tired, exhausted.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to split it?” Dillon said.
“I said this is on me, if I wanted to split it, I would say it.” Cyndi said. “Can’t you allow a woman to pay for something?”
“Yeah, it’s not some kind of macho bullshit, I was just offering.” Dillon explained. They got out of the car and walked to the office, arm in arm. Dillon let Cyndi negotiate the deal and get the keys. “I’ve no qualms with letting you take the lead. I’m secure in my manhood.”
“I know you are, if you weren’t the day would have ended much sooner.” Cyndi said. “You don’t mind sleeping with me, do you.”
“N...No, not at all.” Dillon said as they walked to their room. “A motel in Malibu? That’s peculiar. I guess they have to have a place for people passing through.”
“Or are too tired from the beach to drive home.” Cyndi said as they reached the door. Cyndi put the key in the door, opened it and made a bee-line for the single king size bed. Dillon started getting nervous. Cyndi wasn’t at all. Dillon walked in and closed the door behind him.

“I got first shower!” Cyndi proclaimed. And popped up from the bed and walked to the bathroom, peeling off the few pieces of clothing she was wearing, dropped them in her steps and turned on the water. Dillon fell backward onto the bed then pushed his body up and into a meditative pose. He closed his eyes and became silence. He was searching for confidence, more than he had already. Cyndi was in and out in a matter of minutes. She came out of the bathroom and Dillon was so deep in his meditation that he didn’t even hear her. And Cyndi did not break the silence but catered to it, tip-toeing across the carpet and not touching the bed.

Cyndi’s heart was in Dillon’s hands. She was falling fast and hard and couldn’t really explain it to herself. Dillon just had this magic about him that Cyndi got caught up in. Before she knew it, she was in his arms, being kissed with more passion than she’s ever felt from a man. Dillon’s lips felt like they were coated with electricity. One touch and she was turned on like a light bulb. But it wasn’t just sexual, it was much, much more than that. She had detected no ulterior motives and Cyndi was cynical when it came to men. For him to get her to break down her walls was a big deal, bigger than Dillon knew.

“Oh, I’m sorry, how long have you been out?” Dillon asked.
“No, don’t be, I’ve only been out a couple of minutes. You hungry?” Cyndi asked.
“I could eat.” Dillon said.
“I’ll order a pizza.” Cyndi said then picked up the phone book from the nightstand and called. “What do you want on it?”
“You, I mean, what did you say? Dillon said.
“Ha, ha, seriously, what do you like?” Cyndi asked.
“You’re confusing me...I stand by my first answer.” Dillon said.
Sighs, “Alright funny guy, you’ll eat what I like.” Cyndi said then ordered a pizza with everything.
“That’s twice, now, that you’re gonna eat with me. I’m glad that you aren’t afraid to get down with some food.” Dillon said. “Birds are always afraid of losing their bird card.”

“Yeah I’ve never had to worry about eating, I’d never tell a woman that because she’d hate me for it. I can’t be the only woman without a weight issue.” Cyndi said. Then crawled on the bed where Dillon was sitting indian-style and twisting left and right to relieve the pressure in his spine. Her hair was still wet and did not look wild, but smelled like roses and sandalwood. The sandalwood worked like an aphrodisiac to Dillon but he was an expert at not responding. And he put up a valiant fight. Trying to ignore her, she swept her hair in his face and the desire to attack her overcame him. In that moment he decided that he had to tell her.

“W...Wait a minute.” Dillon said as she started taking his shirt off his shoulders. “Hold on! Please, I really don’t want to...but I have to.”
“What?” Cyndi asked with a concerned tone.
“You haven’t asked me about my past, at all, and it has been nice because we were both so caught up in the moment that thought was not necessary . But I would feel as if I held something back from you if I didn’t tell you a couple things. I have not had this experience with anyone so it’s a first for me. OK...I’m five years clean from drugs and...and...and I’m HIV positive.”

“Is that all? I mean, yes it’s a lot, but between the two of us, I don’t think that there is a problem in the world that we cannot conquer.” Cyndi said, took up where she left off and threw his shirt into the corner. She was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. She was up on him and by the time he was able to focus on her, her t-shirt was off and she was rubbing her breasts on his shoulder. And that’s when she noticed that he had tears coming from his eyes.
“Aww...Dillon.” Cyndi said.
“What?...I’m fine.” Dillon said lying through his teeth. “It’s just...well I already told you. I’ve waited a lifetime for you and now you’re here. I knew it was you. Now, you’ve proven it to me.
“What, did you expect? Me to turn my back?!” Cyndi said.
“No, but I tend to think of the worst possible scenario.” Dillon said. “I knew it was you.”
“Well, maybe I should tell you that I had a substance abuse problem,too. I quit four years ago” Cyndi said. “Why’d you quit?”
“I feel like drugs quit me because none of them work anymore, the euphoria is gone. And dope is not going anywhere so I can have that anytime, I can live well, once.” Dillon said. “What about you?”
“Oh, uh, I had a girlfriend turn to prostitution to get high. And I was sickened.” Cyndi admitted.
“Well, you must not have done it long 'cause your skin is supple and looks like it’s taken care of.” Dillon said. “Oh, yeah, now that you know my ugly side I’m not going to be shy anymore. Not holding anything back, for real, this time. Also, I’ve been wanting to tell you since we got to the beach, you are very, very sexy.” Dillon said feeling free for once.
“I just did physical rehab like going vegetarian for the first year, isometric exercises, and regular sleep. What about you?” Cyndi asked.
“What?” Dillon asked.
“How’d you maintain your looks?” Cyndi asked
“What? Oh, I just wash my face.” Dillon said as he fell backwards from Cyndi climbing on him. Now she was on her hands above Dillon, with one above his shoulder beside his neck and the other on the outside of his shoulder. Her hair draped onto Dillon’s chest.
“I’ve never moved so fast in my life...I thought about this all the way here. How was I going to maintain self respect while laying in the same bed with you. And I suddenly became very forgiving.” Then she lowered herself onto Dillon’s chest. They were, what Cyndi craved, skin to skin. She laid face down applying a kiss and absorbing that warmth she felt on the beach. “How long have you had it, that’s the only question I’ll ask about it, OK?”

“No problem, I appreciate you thinking about me, It’s been fifteen years.” Dillon said.
“How many girlfriends have you had in that time?” Cyndi asked.
“Not one.” Dillon said.
“What, don’t I count?” Cyndi said. “Yeah, I’m not letting go, mister.”
“You’re making it worse.” Dillon said.
“What?” Cyndi asked
“How bad I want to please you, and make you sing, hear me?” Dillon said.
“Yes, I hear you and stop right now ‘cause the pizza is still coming.” Cyndi demanded. “And no more touching, once I get, well, just no more until we can, you know, go.”
“Yeah, I know and I want to take you there again and again. And I have incredible restraint, I would never put you in danger.” Dillon said.
“You don’t need to say that, I know you.” Cyndi said. “Opening up to me was really a turn on, just to let you know.”
“OK, let’s break off and come back later because I’m gonna go for it in a minute. You sure know how to wear a pair of sweatpants. There is something I’m curious about you, but I’ll find out for sure later. Maybe I’ll take a cold shower.”Dillon said.
“No, keep your clothes on for now, please.” Cyndi said. And she found the remote for the TV and turned it on. She slid off the bed, moved to a chair, and began ignoring Dillon.
“I’ve been traded for television! I like to think I’m more interesting than television.” Dillon said.
“You’re more than interesting. you are SEXY! So, just stop talking to me until the pizza comes, PLEASE! You’re making me insane.” Cyndi said. “I’m serious, quit it, if you care at all.”
“OK, I’m sorry and flattered. You’re doing wonders for my ego.”Dillon said.
“Are you serious? C’mon, you have to know.” Cyndi said.
“Know what?” Dillon said.
“That you are very attractive. You don’t get out much, do you?” Cyndi said.
“OK, thank you, first of all. And no, I keep to myself most of the time.” Dillon said.
“Understood.” Cyndi said. Then there was a knock at the door. “Finally.” Cyndi got up quickly, opened the door, grabbed the pizza from the delivery drivers hands and shoved some money his direction and closed the door. She dropped the pizza on the table and turned to Dillon. “You hungry?”

“Yeah, famished, but not for pizza.” Dillon said as he raised one eyebrow, asking Cyndi what’s next.
“Oh, now you can let go of your sexy, lay it on me. Hold on.” Cyndi climbed back onto the bed and pushed Dillon onto his back and mounted him like a horse.
“You feel big sitting on me?” Dillon asked.
“I can’t explain what I feel but I know I’ve never felt this, before.” Cyndi said.
“Never?” Dillon said.
“Ever. Now shut up and show me what you’ve got.” Cyndi said and went from sitting on Dillon to laying atop of him, kissing him madly.

Dillon took control, flipping Cyndi over, onto her back and beneath him. He started kissing her, with compressed passion, on the face then down to her neck. It was his favorite part of a woman, the part of her neck where rogue strands of hair laid. Her shirt had been off this whole time, pleasing Dillon that she was comfortable around him. Dillon wanted the genuine Cynthia, not influenced by anything except her heart. He stayed kissing her neck and taking in her scent until Cyndi started begging for him to move, she put his hand on her breast. Dillon took the hint and proceeded south.

That night Dillon took Cyndi to ecstacy over and over until she slipped into sleep after one last visit. Then Dillon enjoyed some pizza and sat in admiration of this mysterious woman with mesmerizing green eyes. He liked seeing her so peaceful, beautiful and perfect in her slumber. Her naked hip was showing just above the covers and one leg from mid-thigh down was out. He wanted to paint the scene, even though he didn’t paint. Everything was right and he was happy. Dillon slept in a chair, unable to force himself to disrupt something so beautiful.

Dillon woke early and made the coffee from the complimentary coffee maker. Dillon wasn’t happy with the complimentary breakfast and wanted to take Cyndi out. Then he heard giggles, Cyndi had her eyes closed and was laughing, softly. Dillon started laughing and she opened her eyes.
“C’mere.” Cyndi said and reached out with both hands like a baby wanting her doll.
“Do you want some coffee?” Dillon asked.
“Here, now, please.” Cyndi said. And Dillon obeyed crawling on the bed then falling on the bed and rolling over. Cyndi moved over to him and laid her head on his shoulder. Dillon moved his arm to pull her close to him.
“I love how I feel, right now.” Dillon said. “I think I have pinpointed the feeling I
couldn’t describe when I was with you all day, yesterday. Reciprocal feelings. Thank you. This is a new experience.” Dillon said. “Another thing, you always seem to follow me, even when I speak in riddles. You’ve given yourself away. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be surprised but you ARE very intelligent. Wow, this just keeps getting better.
“Well, for me it wasn’t a new experience per se, but it was the first time by a partner.” Cyndi said. “And you are wanted, in more ways than you’d probably guess.”
“That is what gets me off. THANK YOU. Hearing that I have pleased my woman sends me into the stratosphere. And it has nothing to do with the act...well maybe just a little, for me, it’s all about where I am sending you on the inside, what it does for you, especially when you need it. Last night, you needed it.” Dillon said.
“How do you know so well, I left my body last night.” Cyndi said.
“I know so well because I can hone in on your body. I can feel the energy move around and can direct it, if allowed.” Dillon said.
“And no women in fifteen years? No shit? It seemed you were in excellent practice.” Cyndi said.
“It was all you. I fed off of your fever...It sure didn’t take much to get you there.” Dillon said.
“And that was all you.” Cyndi said and pushed herself up with her elbows.
“Girl, you’re glowing! You wanna get breakfast while it’s still morning?” Dillon asked. Cyndi stood up on the bed perfectly naked and walked off the bed and into the bathroom to shower.
“That sounds great, I’ll be out in a minute!” Cyndi said. Dillon was pulling up his pants when Cyndi came out dripping wet with no dry towel.
“Whatcha’ gonna’ do now?” Dillon said and had a good idea what he wanted to do, at the moment. He walked over to Cyndi and picked her up and whispered, “I wanted to take a bite out of your ass all night.” He kissed her deeply, turned around and walked to the bed and set her down. Cyndi moved backwards with her elbows until she hit a pillow. Dillon followed her then brought her to the precipice, and got up. “Let’s go, you ready?”

“You have GOT to be kidding me. You had me--” Cyndi began then was cut off.
“I know, I know, I’m just kidding.” Dillon said then got back on the bed and attended to someone that he dared to call his girlfriend. She gave him confidence and the things that he thought were deal breakers actually seemed to bring them closer together. But he knew that time would tell. His feelings for her were strong, almost stronger than he was comfortable with.
As usual, so far, she was easy to take there and they were done quickly.
“Damn, I was just getting started.” Dillon said.
“I just woke up, we’ve got a long drive ahead of us, any more and I’m going to be useless.” Cyndi said. “And you’re freaking me out, as good as you know my body, you did that on purpose. Were you trying to prove something?”
“No, no, I did it because it to tease you. I didn’t know for sure until I stopped if I had you there or not. I’m sorry.”Dillon said.
“As long as you never leave me there. I understand, it’s a control thing.” Cyndi said.

“I’m ashamed to admit it but I guess you’re right, I relish the ability to give you pleasure. Guilty as charged.” Dillon said.
“I forgive you.” Cyndi said. “You do have the power and nobody has ever had that. I’m serious.”
“I don’t care about your past.” Dillon said.
They gathered their things, which wasn’t much and reluctantly got in the car to go home. Cyndi drove slow through the canyon and this time when Dillon saw Cyndi’s thigh tense up from hitting the gas pedal, he grabbed it.

“I’m glad we had a debriefing of sorts.” Dillon said.
“What d’ya’ mean?” Cyndi asked.
“We discussed last night, to some degree, we know how the other feels, unless I’m missing something.” Dillon said.
“No, you’re not but I almost feel like I took advantage.” Cyndi said.
“Of what?” Dillon said.
“You.” Cyndi said.
“No way, although I’m not a tool, how you feel does concern me. And, as your man, I’m here to help.” Dillon said.
“That’s very gallant of you...and telling me that you’re my man is not a good idea because you might need you to help me.” Cyndi said.
“Well, don’t stop the car! Wait to get to my place, at least.” Dillon said
“I’m just kidding, but I appreciate your willingness.” Cyndi said then turned the radio up and lowered the windows to get that wild look to her hair. Cyndi was infatuated with Dillon after the phone call. But when Dillon told her about his health and being an addict, he became exceedingly easy to love. The whole date had been magic to her, it seemed too good to be true. And that scared her a little, they’d been in a bubble since they left Dillon’s place. So, when they returned it felt like they had come full circle. Then and only then was she able to let go and go home without crying. Though she did, but not until she reached the car.

Dillon experienced a paradigm shift in his life and it was called Cynthia. She busted his little world open, it felt like he was breathing for the first time in his life. And that is aside from the level of intimacy he was able to get to with her. Which he cherished but was really just icing on a very sultry cake. After he told her the hardest thing he’s had to tell anyone, and she didn’t shy away, all bets were off. The deep end came up quick but Dillon and Cyndi, together, could whether the north Atlantic in winter with only a rowboat.

There definitely was something special about their union. Dillon was right, that they did need each other, though they have yet to share their reasons why. They have broken through the intoxicating physicality of their relationship. Dillon was already past it, serious about having an interest in where he took her when they got together. Not having intimacy readily available for so long, a person shifts their interest. And for Dillon, he became interested in how he WAS able to affect the opposite sex and that was only through the mind and eyes. Where they began. When they got to his place, Dillon was honestly tired from sleeping in a chair last night, but knew that Cyndi was easily aroused, it seemed. He told her she could stay but he needed to lay down, she decided to go and let this magical date recede into memory. Dillon kissed her in a manner that let her know that she was the only one. He could feel her temperature rise as she left.