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Dominoes in the Sand (Part 3 of an adult journey) (1 Viewer)


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Cyndi descended the stairs rapidly. Arriving at the bottom, she pranced over the sand to a spot suitable for two that might be kissing and getting to know each other, away from the crowd. The brim of her large white hat was bending up from the strong breeze. Her oversized sunglasses looked like they were stolen from her mother’s purse. She took off her shirt in the car and was sporting a primary colored string bikini. She was little but proportioned perfectly. And, by the way she carried herself, one could see that she knows what her assets and deficits are. Especially on the beach, where she was light on the deficits. For a woman to where a bikini on the beach without having a towel around her, too, implies a certain amount of confidence. And it was springtime, California warm, but it was still was a bit nippy. Dillon was wearing a pair of jeans and a short sleeve button down shirt. Cyndi laid out the blanket, waved Dillon on then went straight for the water.

Dillon rolled up his pants and waded into the foam from the waves, then a little further, then Cyndi grabbed his hand with both of hers and dragged him in even further until a wave crashed onto them both. They came up together, Cyndi holding on to Dillon. When the water rolled back. Cyndi and Dillon were standing in the sun. Cyndi unbuttoned his, now, wet shirt, and ran her hands over his body then kissed him. Dillon picked her up and walked up the shore toward the blanket. Cyndi had her legs wrapped around Dillon’s waist and rested her head on his shoulder as he carried her back to the blanket. Dillon fell onto it with Cyndi still attached to him. Then he wrapped her up in his arms while she emitted intoxicated sighs. Her eyes were closed as she felt her way back to his lips. They found their new home and he rolled atop her as she stretched her arms out above her head. He matched her movement from above and hand in hand, now she was pinned beneath him as a willing prisoner. She could feel the heat radiating from his skin, and reached behind her to release her bikini top so they could be skin to skin, then remembered where they were and refrained.

Cyndi had been cheated on by her last love, three years ago. She had major trust issues as a result. She stayed single, and celibate, all that time, not sure if she would trust again. But when Dillon came along and put himself out there so easily and carefree, it was refreshing. Cyndi was moved by that spontaneous blurt that Dillon felt like a fool for letting slip. Cyndi caught Dillon with his guard down and she figured either, he was a master player and an award winning actor, or he was more sincere than even HE knew. Her intuition told her that he would be safe for her heart. She wanted to initiate the first kiss, but Dillon caught her off-guard, and she thought it was sweet, the way he did it. Every man makes her feel small but Dillon gives her a sense of safety that is really unwarranted, but she went with it because it felt so good to let her guard down completely, and she hadn’t done that in a long time.

With other men, on the first date, she always felt that they weren’t there, yet, but with Dillon, she felt that he was on the same page as her, all the time. And there were a lot of conversations they did not need to have because of it. Normally, she would not kiss on the first date, but it just felt too right to pass on. Simply put, she is smitten with Dillon and had let her guard down completely, following her heart from here on.The heart is the easiest to follow, there is no thought needed. Instead it takes courage, but sometimes you say things you’re not aware of, like with Dillon when they first met. That spoke to his motivation and when Cyndi saw that he was ruled by his heart, it was nearly a done deal, right there.

When they came up for air, Dillon rolled over on his back and Cyndi crawled up on his chest and laid her head down, listening to his heartbeat. Dillon had one hand behind his head and the other massaged the scalp of Cyndi. Dillon felt an unfamiliar feeling that was too good to believe. Dillon had the uncanny ability to tune in to another persons body. With Cyndi on his chest, it was almost instant. He could sense where her tension was and loosen it up. He would never admit to it, but Cyndi was putty in his hands. He moved his hand down to her neck and kneaded her soft muscles. Her skin was smooth and supple, it had been too long and he handled her with the utmost care. Just grateful to be laying where he was at that very moment, with a woman who produces a strange euphoria in him.

“It’s getting close to lunch, can I take you out?” Dillon asked then untangled her wet hair with his hand.
“Huh? Yeah, let’s go” a sleepy Cyndi said.
“Oh, I’m sorry, did you fall asleep?” Dillon asked. Having turned her head, she rested her chin on his chest.
“You’ve got that magic touch, mister. I’m under your influence. And I barely know you.” Cyndi said.
“Excuse me?” Dillon said.
“Chronologically, that is” Cyndi corrected herself.
“The first time I stared into your eyes they told me things about you.” Dillon said.
“Like?” Cyndi said.
“You’ve been hurt in the past...pretty bad, but you’ve given into your heart, again, forgetting the memory of getting hurt. You trust me, even though your mind tells you not to.You never questioned this, yet.”

“OK, that’s good enough, you can see into my heart.” Cyndi said. “Let’s get some lunch.” And Cyndi peeled herself off Dillon, their bodies having already started drying. Cyndi stood up and stretched with her arms reaching skyward. Dillon didn’t move an inch, reluctant to be leaving the spot where he was genuinely happy. He stood up and helped Cyndi with the blanket. They, together, scaled the stairs back up the cliff. Dillon’s pants were still wet, so Cyndi gave him a towel that he changed into and they were off, down PCH to find a drive-thru. They got some food then went somewhere to park.

Unwrapping a hamburger, “You haven’t told me if you’ve ever been in love.”Dillon said.
“But you already know” Cyndi said.
“Yeah, but I haven’t heard you tell me.” Dillon said.
Sullenly, “OK...I’ve been in love, until it became a lie. He fell out of love with me and into the bed of another woman. I just couldn’t figure out what I did” Cyndi said getting choked-up.
“That’s OK, babe, you don’t have to go any further.” Dillon said.
“Thanks,” sniffs, “Go all you wanted?” Cyndi asked.
“I just wondered how you got hurt so bad, I didn’t want to put you through it again.” Dillon said
“That’s OK, I’m an emotional girl. So...babe, huh?” Cyndi said.
“Oh, shit! I’m sorry.” Dillon said. Cyndi reached over and wiped some ketchup from Dillon’s mouth.“Why do you apologize for letting your heart speak?” Cyndi asked then drank some of her soda.
“I just don’t know what’s OK and what’s not.” Dillon said
“Really?!” Cyndi said “You’re a romantic.”
“Is that bad?”Dillon asked.
“No, so am I, check it out, we are sitting in my car on the side of the road eating hamburgers...that’s romance if I ever saw it. There could be a war outside and as long as these doors are closed it wouldn’t effect us.” Cyndi said “I haven’t looked at a clock all day ‘cause it might take me out of the moment.”

“Don’t do that, if you left, I’d be all alone out here.” Dillon said but was thinking about how he’s going to have to tell her about his affliction. Then he pushed it out of his mind by focusing on Cyndi. “You have the smallest hands.”
“Oh, yeah?! Cyndi said then held up her hand with outstretched fingers. Dillon matched hers then Dillon clasped their hands together.
“This is what it’s about.” Dillon said shaking both of their hands. “This is what I’m about.” Then he kissed their hands.
“And this is what I’m about.” Cyndi said then reached out and grabbed the back of Dillon’s head and kissed him sensually. “There. You wanna go to the pier, you can win me a stuffed animal.”
“OK, but I’m gonna’ win you more than one.” Dillon said.
“Deal.” Cyndi said then started her car and got back out on PCH headed to Santa Monica.

Cyndi turned on the radio, they listened to music and didn’t speak. Until they parked the car. “We’re here!” Cyndi announced loudly.
“Well, I wasn’t sleeping.” Dillon said.

“Listen, I don’t know how we got here but we got here fast, and that’s not a problem but I just want you to know that when you were staring into my eyes, getting a read on me. I was doing the same, this is a first date but you got me to break down my walls. I can’t help but notice that you still have one up...you don’t have to tell me now, but don’t feel that there is anything you can’t tell me, unless you don’t want to.” Cyndi said
“I want to tell you, I do, and, to tell you the truth, I’m scared. I’m not as brave as you think.” Dillon said.
“That’s OK, I’m sure whatever it is, I’ll understand...and for some reason, I believe in you and don’t know why I just told you that.” Cyndi said.
“That’s OK, this began with something I don’t know why I said.” Dillon said.

“Let’s go and have fun.” Cyndi said as she opened her door to get out of the car. Dillon followed, impressed at Cyndi’s reading skills but disappointed that he was confronted on his secret. One that he’s afraid will be a deal breaker. And he feels like he’s leading her on, which is unacceptable to him. He doesn’t know when he’ll tell her but it will be soon. “C’mon I’ll race you to the Ferris wheel!” Cyndi said as she took off in her jean shorts and bikini top. He
didn’t tell her but he found her incredibly sexy. Things were hot as it was, Dillon was afraid that she’d take that as a sign that he wanted sex. And he did, but not in the manner she’d be expecting.

Dillon had profound appreciation for women and intimacy due to his lack of proximity to either, for so long. They both have felt like a hundred miles away for just as many years. In that time he has learned to be grateful for any encounter he had with the opposite sex. And his love for women grew exponentially. He didn’t find it necessary to have the whole enchilada, in fact, he saw that as abuse, Dillon was satisfied with tasting the enchilada and making the chef feel good, more importantly. Dillon obtained joy from making that happen; his life had been joy-less for nearly two decades. Yet he would not rush Cyndi into anything, along with that profound appreciation came profound respect.

“Alright, you beat me, can I get in line?” Dillon asked.
“Oh, I’m saving a spot for someone special.” Cyndi jests.
“Listen here, little thing...” Dillon said then muscled his way into the line, in front of Cyndi. They rode the Ferris wheel and kissed at the top as per Cyndi’s demand. Dillon liked aggressive women, he was usually passive when it came to being intimate, fearful of something he could not articulate. With Cyndi, he turned over a new leaf by initiating the first kiss. But
that’s where he’ll stop, at least for now.

They stayed at the pier going on rides and winning prizes all afternoon. They found themselves at the end of the pier, in each others arms at sunset. It would be the first sunset they watched together and the first Dillon had seen in years.

“Ya’ know I recently lost my confidant. He was a wise gay man I called for advice. He died of AIDS.” Dillon said then waited for a response.
“OK...” Cyndi said. “I have a girlfriend who’s HIV positive. Bastard boyfriend gave it to her, knowing he was infected.”
“That’s a crime.” Dillon said.
“She knows but he doesn’t take care of himself, she figures dying will be punishment enough. And she doesn’t have a drop of bitch in her. I told her it would serve her well to manufacture some.” Cyndi said.
“Not everyone’s as feisty as you.” Dillon said with an adoring smile. “I wouldn’t want to cross you, especially being a woman. Your hands are so small that I bet you’re very resourceful.” Cyndi grabbed Dillons hand, put her hand in his and interlaced their fingers.
“This is what it’s about.” Cyndi said shaking their together hands. Dillon chuckled then brought Cyndi’s face to his by her chin. Their noses were touching. Dillon placed a long kiss of appreciation on Cyndi’s glossy lips. He dragged his kiss off of her mouth and onto her cheek and up to her forehead then he was kissing her scalp, inhaling her aroma.
“You smell good.” Dillon said.
“I’m not wearing anything.” Cyndi said.

“No, I know, I like your natural scent.” Dillon said “Hey, watch the sun, it’s sinking into the sea.” Dillon gave her a squeeze. Dillon had his arms wrapped around Cyndi from beind. Cyndi liked being prisoner of his arms. Together they created an atmosphere of desire and curiosity that was palpable. They weren’t even conscious of it. No one encroached on their personal space, all day. “Turn around. The moon has stepped in for the sun. Shall we?”

“We shall.” Cyndi said then grabbed Dillon’s arm and they began walking the length of the pier. They noticed that people were looking at them.
“Are you seeing this?” Dillon asked without moving his hand
“Yep, but that‘s OK”. Cyndi answered. “The only thing I can think is that were glowing, I know I am anyway. When you see a couple walking down the street you can tell if they have a good sex life.”
“Yeah, by how happy the woman looked.” Dillon said.
“How happy do I look?” Cyndi asked. “I’m sorry, was that too far?”
“No, it wasn’t and I bet you could look happier.” Dillon said tongue-in-cheek. “So, we’re a couple now?”
“Hey, you made the same mistake. I assume you have a way for me to get happier.” Cyndi said.
“You bet. Look out!” Dillon said as a car brushed by them. “Let’s get to the car.” and he increased his pace. They walked the last hundred yards watching the other’s back and dodging cars.
Dillon and Cyndi were feeling the same thing, that the date’s almost over. Neither was in a hurry to get back to leave. They had been together all day and neither has asked the other about family, ex’s, or occupation. Both were caught up in the moment and each other’s eyes.
“l don’t want this to end” Cyndi said.
“Damn, when did you start mind reading!” Dillon said. “Well, we have a long ride back to my place, you’re welcome to come in, or I can concoct some reason for us to extend our date.”
“I have an idea.” Cyndi said. “Trust me?”
“I’ve not questioned so far, why would I now? Of course I trust you, you’re holding my heart, after all.” Dillon said.

“Hold on.” Cyndi said. And Cyndi floored her Camaro out of the parking lot and back out onto PCH once again. Dillon didn’t want to disclose his health status this early but felt guilty for drawing Cyndi in closer without telling her. He decided, against his better judgment, that he would tell her before the date was over. He was extremely thankful for the date, he felt like a caged animal that had been let out after years of solitary confinement. He was sort of glad to be getting this ugliness out of the way early. If it breaks the deal, it will hurt, but to Dillon, it was the respectable thing to do. Especially if he is going to continue caring about Cyndi, which he doesn’t know if he can even control. Cyndi was constantly attracting men, in cars they thought were fast, pulling up to Cyndi at a stop light, revving their engines trying to instigate a race. He’s witnessed it all day and Cyndi has been politely ignoring them, even though he could sense that Cyndi wanted to smoke them; she restrained herself for the sake of the date. He felt that he couldn’t NOT tell her. Cyndi was cruising down PCH and then pulled off the road suddenly into a motel in Malibu.

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