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Dominoes in the Sand (Part 2 of an adult journey) (1 Viewer)


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Ever since he got home from the hospital, Dillon has not been able to let his mind idle. Afraid to dwell on that night with the nurse and all he didn’t do. What followed was predictable. Self-loathing, beating up on himself and the inability to forgive. But he had Cynthia to talk to now. And even though she wasn’t his type, necessarily, he felt good about what he said to her and wouldn’t take back a single second.

Dillon’s type, or what he desired, was a woman. Not a girl, not a chick but a woman. He admired and desired single mothers. Dillon stood six foot three, he liked big girls, complete women, able to maintain a household and career without missing a beat on either side. He knew how difficult that was, having had to watch his mother care for him and his sister when they were younger, and had respect for anyone doing it.

After debating himself over what ‘later’ meant, he called,“Sometimes things spontaneously come out of my mouth, and they usually are the truth.”

"Look, I don’t know why I said what that.” Dillon said.
“So...you’re not interested?” Cynthia said.
“No, it’s not like that. Because you, beyond being physically attractive, must be in the intellectual cream, too, judging by your book choice. School or pleasure? Dillon asked. Cynthia. She told him that she knew he’d call if it mattered to him, he was brave enough the first time.
“Both, it’s for school but I’m taking the class for pleasure.” Cynthia said.
“I do the same thing, without the pressure of a grade over my head, I can finally enjoy school, for once.” Dillon said “I’ve taken classes at your campus. What are you studying?”
“Architecture” Cynthia said. “I was a fine arts student the first year. I’m leaving to go to State College in four months.”
“Well, then, we haven’t time to waste. Could we meet for coffee?” Dillon said.
“Well, I don’t know, since my intuition is never wrong. How ‘bout I pick you up and get a little more than coffee?” Cynthia said.
Well...OK, OK, that sounds good.” Dillon said. Completely terrified over what ‘a little more than coffee’ meant. He didn’t want to disclose this early in the relationship. But he didn’t see Cynthia as being that fast, anyway.

Cynthia made a date for the next day. And she was at his door at eight in the morning with coffee and bagels. Dillon had mentioned that he doesn’t eat much sugar. Considerate as could be, she didn’t hold back when it came time to knock. She rapped on his door like she was the FBI looking for a fugitive. The sound startled Dillon, who couldn’t figure out who could be knocking this early and that loudly. He wasn’t expecting Cynthia, yet, she said nine. o’clock. He approached the door, grabbed the handle and opened it quickly, hoping to startle the one who startled him. But only got startled again when he saw Cynthia.

“Hi! Aren’t you a little early? I mean, come in, please.” Dillon was cordial and acted like the gentleman he was.
“Sorry, I wanted to interfere in your preparation, I wanted to watch, to see if my guesses about you are right.” Cynthia said as she crossed the threshold into Dillon’s apartment.
“Have a seat anywhere you want and watch away.” Dillon said, not about to tell a pretty girl that she was crazy, he knew the same could be said about him.
So, there she sat, watching Dillon shave, quickly, apply after shave and that was it. He got dressed and came out of his room.
“Did I meet your expectations?” Dillon asked.
“Truthfully, you fell short.” Cynthia said
“Really, how?”Dillon said and was serious.

“Aww, you care what I think, I’m playing with you, silly. I had no expectations except to see you before you were ready to see me. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they handle the unexpected. And don’t worry, taking it in stride is a sign of maturity. You did well, but I already knew you would.. So, you ready?” Cynthia said. “And call me Cyndi, we have a lot to talk about.” Cyndi stood up from the foot stool on which she sat.

“Where are we going?” Dillon asked.
“If I told you we were going to rob a bank, would you stay home?” Cyndi asked. “Honestly.”
“Probably not, because I couldn’t stand the thought of you getting ruffed up by the cops.” Dillon said.
“How d’you know I’d get caught?” Cyndi asked.
“Ooh, you got me there, I don’t know. Maybe I’ve underestimated you.” Dillon said.
“Maybe you did.” Cyndi said as she turned toward the door and started walking away, with a smile. “You comin’?”

Dillon was still pining for the Nurse but Cyndi was doing wonders for easing the pain. Dillon did not forget about her, and didn’t plan on it. But Cyndi did surpass Dillon’s expectations for her. She was small, but edgy and strong. Dillon had affection for strong women because sometimes he felt weak.
“Of course. Let me grab my keys.” Dillon said, then closed the door behind him, unsure of what the day held, for him. But was willing to find out.
Cyndi led Dillon to her car, a midnight blue‘69 Camaro. Dillon thought it looked like a bit much of a machine for a petite thing like Cyndi to handle. But when she turned over that V8 and put some gas in the engine, he thought different. She spun the tires in the driveway leaving some rubber to remember her by, if nothing else. Cyndi got onto the highway, closed the windows so they could hear each other and put her mouth to her mind and let go.

“So, you ever been in love?” Cyndi asked. She was not accustomed to biting her tongue and she was attracted to Dillon. Having been called brash, in the past, she thought twice, three times. She slept on it and still felt the same way when she woke up. She could see the little light inside Dillon fighting to get out, that others saw and were drawn to. Yet he was unaware of.
. “I have loved. It was one sided. So, no, I have not been in love.” Dillon said.
“Unrequited love hurts, I know.” Cyndi said
“How long were you fooled?” Dillon asked.
“Not long, a couple years.” Cyndi is keeping her cards close.
“Me, too, my two year relationship was shot down by a moment of clarity. It was so clear I saw right through her, and it was that, that hurt the most. I was hurting for her, as well as myself. Being false is no way to live.” Dillon said.
“But you loved her.” Cyndi was curious.
“I did.” Dillon said.
“Did it hurt long?” Cyndi asked.
“Long enough.” Dillon said wanting to move on to a new subject. “What about you? I wanna see some credentials!” Dillon laughed.
“OK, for the past three years I’ve been single, and celibate.” Cyndi said.
“I have found that, with women, if you’re single, it’s a conscious effort. I respect that.” Dillon said.
“You just have to be focused. Know what you want and what you don’t.” Cyndi over-simplified the situation.
“Good discipline. I did underestimate you. At every turn you are surprising me. Now, will you tell me where we are going?”
“What, don’t you trust me? Do you need to know?”Cyndi said.
“If I didn’t trust you I wouldn’t have gotten into your car, and, no, I don’t need to know. A surprise might be fun.” Dillon said.

“That’s the attitude!” Cyndi said and hit the gas to pass a truck. She rolled the windows down and Dillon found out why her hair looked so wild. The wind blew her hair in unnatural directions. Dillon just watched and smiled, noticing her thigh flex as she hit the gas. She was wearing a red skirt that came down to about mid-thigh, her legs were olive colored, Dillon thought she might be a Latina .

“OK, I’m at your mercy, you’re in charge.” Dillon said but Cyndi could not hear him. He sat back and looked at her, she changed before his eyes, from a petite young lady, into a woman with a very seductive personality that he just couldn’t resist anymore. Dillon went on the date, not with romantic motives, at all, but with hopes that he could distract himself from the Nurse.

Cyndi exited the freeway at the entrance of a canyon and, finally, they could hear each other talk.
“Now, what did you say?” Cyndi asked Dillon.
“Wow, OK, I said that I’m at your mercy.”Dillon admitted.
“Keep talking like that, we’ll be fine.” Cyndi said.
“What does that mean?” Dillon asked.
“Cool your jets, I just meant...that you kinda’, IT’S CALLED A BLINKER, JERK OFF! Did you see that? Am I invisible?” Cyndi said.
“Not to me, your not, but you are small” Dillon said.
“I’m not small in this car!” Cyndi said ending that conversation.
“Good choice.” Dillon said,
“What do you mean?” Cyndi questioned
“The beach, everyone knows where the canyon goes. Unless you want to camp.” Dillon said.
“Cute and smart, how’d I get so lucky?” Cyndi said licking her lips.
“Ummm...which beach are you going to?” Dillon said.
“Don’t get shy on me now, we need each other, right?” Cyndi said.
“More than you know. Or maybe you do, you have quite the bag of tricks.” Dillon said.”
I’d like to see more.”

“There you are. Don’t hide from me.” Cyndi said then raised her arm and rested her hand on his shoulder. “Be brave, like you were, tell me what’s on your mind.”
“When we get to the beach.” Dillon said.
“Aww, c’mon you tell with your mouth, not your feet.” Cyndi said.
“OK, now you gotta trust me.” Dillon said, “Just drive fast.”
“OK.” Cyndi said then rounded the corner and got a little sideways.
“Easy, easy, I like your enthusiasm though.” Dillon said.

Cyndi and Dillon pulled into the gravel parking lot at the top of a cliff, beneath which the beach lay. Dillon got out of the car and stood at the front enjoying the view while Cyndi got ready. She got out of the car with a towel and a wide brimmed hat. She walked around to where Dillon was and play-punched him in the arm.

“Hey, you come here often?” Cyndi said then was lifted up, turned around and sat on the hood of her car. Dillon looked her straight in her eyes.

“I didn’t plan or expect any of this.” And Dillon timidly leaned into Cyndi until she closed her eyes, then he kissed her upper lip with both of his. The kiss was a revelation for Dillon and they separated slowly unsure of what to do next.
“Oh, my God!” Cyndi said with her eyes still closed,”A little more.” And she pulled him back into her by his shirt and they kissed much deeper and longer. They didn’t notice the carload of surfers loading up to leave, they cat-called Dillon and Cyndi but they didn’t stop. They both pulled away with tears in their eyes.
“Why are you crying?” Dillon asked wiping away tears.
“I’m not, I just...why do you have to kiss like that?!” Cyndi said.”I’m not the only one with tears.”
“Because I have been waiting a lifetime for you, and now you’re here, I think.” Dillon said.
“Oh, I’m here, alright. And you better get used to it.” Cyndi said. Then she gave him a peck on the cheek “Now how ‘bout some cold water across your face?” And she began walking down to the beach.
“Remember, we have a lot to talk about!” Dillon shouted then followed.
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