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Domino, by Phyllis A. Whitney (1 Viewer)



Hey guys, this is a really fun read :D I picked it up at a library sale for like, five cents or something and it was totally worth it! I had a hard time putting it down . . . it's a good little mystery.

This girl, Laura Morgan, lives with her aunt in New York and doesn't really have too much other family. Until the day her sickly grandmother from Colorado writers her a letter and begs for her help. Laura is like, so freaked because she never hears from her grandma. Anyways, a new found male friend offers to accompany her on the trip and Laura ultimately agrees to go.

When she arrives in Colorado, Laura discovers that a newcomber is looking to buy her grandmother out. The longer she stays, the more curious she becomes about her past . . . her childhood is vague in her memory and every day spent at her grandmother's house only evokes more sporadic glimpses into her past. Laura has to find out the truth about her family and before she knows it, her fears are subsiding and she's running full speed toward discovery.

This is a really fun read!