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Does the concept of giant Household weapons sound too much like Attack on Titan? (1 Viewer)

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I have been trying to come up with a sort of "magic system" to accompany my world of beasts for the longest time, but now realize it may sound too much like aot, as the whole gist of these items is for fighting and conquest. Not to mention the themes in my story dealing with revenge and violence.
Thank you in advance for any thought on this, as I don't want to write and share this story only for it to lack too much originality


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I'm not a specialist in that genre, but I like the idea of a "magic system." Especially if you wish to write a series. The system itself doesn't need to portray the themes, those can vary. But it will sit as a basis, when you craft your plots. Something to link the actions and motivations.

The key will be to come up with a unique system. That's where your imagination can go wild.

I thought this article on magic system cliches was a good one. https://fantasybookfanatic.com/8-magic-system-cliches-to-be-aware-of/

Happy writing!
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You'd be stretched to find a single element of any story ever written that can't be likened to something. Don't worry about things like this. Just put your spin on it.


I now have the confidence to continue on with this story, and have learned something as well. Thank you!


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I don't watch anime, but if your characters don't consist of people in brown jackets and white tight pants, jumping around and reeling with string hooks, then you shouldn't worry about anything.

Giant household weapon, magic, giant beast ideas didn't emerge from them.
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