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Does Tha Nor (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
You know, when I first started
writing for posterity.
My writings were based on instinct
and inspiration.
Not by forms, rhymes
or how you should write
stories and poems.

I've listened to different people
and tried to adapt my style and form,
but I seem to be moving away from
my natural instincts as a writer.

The words and language some use
are not in my normal vocabulary.

Tha sees am brooad Yorkshire
and tha can't turn a sows ear
into a silk purse.

Tha sees to use posh lingo
just int in me
an it goas again't grain.

So thanks for all your input.
I'm not ungrateful
it just goas away from me.


WF Veterans
This piece has a voice, clear, honest and relatable. This is what identity as a writer is about. Nicely done.


WF Veterans
Dost Tha Naw - Says the son of a Yorkshireman... Remember, if ever thee does owt fer nowt, do it for thee sen.


Senior Member
Aye lad tha's just said it reight. Carry on young'un and tha could become an 'onourable Yorkshireman.