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does anyone know? (1 Viewer)

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If LOST (the tv series) is a novel also? if so by who is it written? and is it called LOST?

is there any similar novels to LOST that anyone can reccomend with lots of mystery, and questions to be solved!

maybe set on an island or stranded etc?

mant thanks

I remeber hearing in the news not so long ago that some book tops the best seller list. You know that manuscript Sawyer always reads? Yeah, it's called 'Good Twin Bad Twin' I think, well some guy wrote a sort of spin-off of that and what the actuall book contains. It doesn't relate to Lost in general though it's just supposedly one of the books someone was reading on the plain. I'm not sure what the authors name is but perhaps if you google it you'll get him as there's been quite a bit of publicity over it. Oh and 'Lost' itself, as in the t.v show was never a novel to the best of my knowledge.

oh and by the way I'd have to agree with Stewart regarding ou're multiple posting. I know that other guy in the other message board was a little harsh and I do understand that you are only new but please don't avail of multiple posting as the people here are very nice and I'm sure you will get your quieres answered without having to post them all over the site.

Well I hope that helps, toodles
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