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Does anyone know anything about radio scripts? (1 Viewer)

Mr. Blix

I know I'm most likely asking this question 40 years too late, but does anyone know anything about radio drama scripts or where I could find out more information on the format? I have an xm radio and there's some newer programs that do radio dramas... a lot of the time the writing isn't what I think is very good, so basically I had one of those, "I could do better than that" moments.

Anyway, if anyone could direct me somewhere I'd be most thankful.
Yeah, using search engines give you alot of good sources. A tip I picked up in my multimedia class, with search engines like google and yahoo if you're looking up more than one word like "video games", the search engines looks for the single words video and game so you get less accurate results. To get more accurate results put a + instead of a space between your words so that it looks for the two words combined such as: "video+games". I don't have any exact links to radio screenplays, but that would be how you'd go about finding them! :p