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Does anyone have a copy of my piece? (1 Viewer)


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In 2012, I think, I wrote something and posted it on the writer's digest community site, but I lost the piece and then that site shut down, which is not the forum which they have today. In other words, they no longer have a copy of what I wrote. So I emailed one of the people who worked at writer's digest, asking him if they had a copy of it, but he said after they took down the site they deleted everything. So now I have only the two first paragraphs which I have memorized. The remaining three paragraphs I forgot, except for a few short sentences and phrases. The two paragraphs I can remember were this:

As finger points at finger, so face averts from face. And each hides the character of its host. As for us, we have justified ourselves and demonized each other. We have sought to purge each other's good traits from the knowledge of our friends. As dust blackens the clouds, and venom wilts the trees, so too have these things polluted our bond as friends. But the day we met was not so, for the day we met was a day of trust, a day without doubt, and a day without fear, a day that since has never dawned again.

For you were a princess in a land of suitors, a star in the midst of worlds, the treasure of princes too cowardly to lead you, who left behind their kingdoms to seek you, who chased after you like brave men pursuing a wondrous fire. Some were honorable, and some dishonorable, but none of them could gain you. When you shone among the trees and flowers, and your face beamed out into all the land, though many knights on horseback rode with boldness, though many princes raced across the world, your brightness awed your suitors from afar, your beauty struck the mighty down with wonder. Yes, afterward they stood and bowed. Yes, afterward they gently kissed your hand. But their courage dissolved in a flash, and they swelled with the shame of peasants.

When I originally posted the whole piece on the writer's digest community site, people said that they liked it, and there were not really any negative comments. But since I posted the two paragraphs that remained on the forums they have now, no one really commented on it. I'm not sure why that is, but I feel like this was basically the only good thing I wrote. I spent between three to five days working on it. I am so frustrated that I lost most of the piece. I looked through my google accounts to see if I could find a copy of it but I could not. I had been so dumb as to erase a thumb drive which had the piece, thinking that I could easily write another one just like it.

I think that I had a much healthier mind when I wrote this. I certainly struggled to think of the first sentence for quite some time, which I later removed from the piece. But because I forced myself and was determined and made every effort to think in images (metaphors, similes, etc), follow the elements of style, use parallelism, and achieve poetic rhythm, (some of it was there in the first draft and some of it was done through revision), I succeeded in writing it. I had written and revised one paragraph at a time, but after I wrote the second paragraph I went back and revised the first one. The second flowed more easily once I had done work on the first.

But I am frustrated because I don't even have most of that piece anymore, and I haven't written anything quite like it since. I suppose I could duplicate the effect, but I really wish I did not have to. Nowadays I am so sloppy when it comes to writing that a lot of times I write verbose and clunky prose and lack the discipline and wisdom to do all those things by which I wrote that piece. I think it could be due to my mental illness or the medication I take for it. But maybe I am just not critical of my words enough when I write, and maybe I don't persevere in polishing my words like I did when I wrote that piece.

Anyway, my original purpose for writing this post was to ask if any on you had a copy of this piece on your computer. Maybe you saw it on the writer's digest community site a long time ago and made a copy of it. I really hope someone did, because that is the only way I am going to see that piece again.

But if not you could still comment on the points I made in this post, and perhaps give me some advice or any insights you might have.
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