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Does anybody use any software for designing front covers/font/ decorative arts in their work? (1 Viewer)


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I should think Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher should work quite well for these tasks. Published by Serif, and they cost around $50 each for a permanent license, Available in Mac, Windows, & iOS. I own Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher and I find them powerful and effective. All three are designed to integrate quite well with each other.

Ralph Rotten

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I use PhotoImpact 12 from Ulead.
Much cheaper than Photoshop, but does the same job (and has a better photocompression tool).
The only weakness is that it bogs down with large volumes of text (back cover).

I NEVER use ANY of the templates offered by Amazon. I choose the bring-your-own, or whichever one can be fully blanked. There is one that only mandates the author image, which I replace with a *.png that is all clear (I don't do author pics.) I build my entire cover in PhotoImpact.

But I am terrible at converting them to PDFs when I need to upload to Ingram. Why can't they just accept high quality images??? What a PITA they are that way. Glad I never paid them any setup fees...since I'm the one doing all the work. ;)


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I use Adobe Photoshop for images and Adobe Illustrator for layouts for books and packages or anything with a non-regular size.

Adobe products are very expensive, and I don't recommend them for casual users. But they have great versatility and can output in nearly any desired format.

Before I retired from the graphic design biz, the Affinity product line was starting to rise in popularity, mainly due to Adobe's shift to an All-Or-Nothing subscriber model, which many of us hated (why should I pay for After Effects, Dreamweaver and everything else when all I use is InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop?). I still hold a grudge against Adobe for this, and each year I cast a curse upon Adobe by burning an old Illustrator manual and mixing the ashes with the blood of a virgin, both of which are getting hard to find.

But enough about my hobbies.

I still have all the Adobe products (the three I use and the fifteen I don't because Adobe makes me) and maintain my subscription for sentimental reasons (I like to complain and bitch).

I agree with StarDog. Why? Because
  1. Dogs ALWAYS agree (most of the time)
  2. Though I'm not familiar with them myself, I've heard many great things about Affinity products
  3. Suck it, Adobe.


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Yep. I had to get an adobe subscription just to make a few PDF covers for Ingram.
What a PITA that was.
Then it took three months to cancel the damned account.
To quote Charles Brown: "Arrrrgggghhhh!"*

*shoe goes flying.
I have been Adobe free for, golly, 8 years now. No photography stuff (ACDSee & Affinity Photo now), no design stuff. NO Adobe DRM nonsense for ebooks either! There are plenty of GOOD options out there if you choose to use them. As I tell my photography paisans, you are only 'trapped' by Adobe if you choose to be.