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Do You Have A Gift? (1 Viewer)


Hi all,

You know how everyone has a gift? Or so 'they' say? Well, I spent a lifetime wondering why I didn't have one. :icon_cyclops_ani: I took pride in being a good mom, wife, etc., but always wondered why I didn't have that special something. Several years ago, my daughter introduced me to the computer and internet. This opened a new world of communication for me. Much to my surprise, my postings on a forum seemed to be very entertaining. One day, a woman commented: I've been printing out your comments and I keep them in a binder to read when I'm feeling down...thanks for all the laughs and please keep it up. I thought it was a nice comment but dismissed it, after all, doesn't everyone write? Of course they do. One day another woman asked if I'd taken creative writing classes. I replied, "No, I'm a smartass by nature." :razz: Another time a woman asked if I had any books she could buy. Uh, no...and why would I have books? :?: So, this goes on forever and to the point that I was helping women put their thoughts together in written form "as you know how to write what I would want to say.." and I'm a giving person, so always help a pal out, right? Then, they found out I enjoy writing poetry....so then found myself saying yes, I can help you write a poem for your daughter, your mother, etc. :drunk:

All that time, I'm just churning along through life. Being a person who prays, I would ask God why He didn't give me a gift? And if He had, please show me, as I would love to know-before I die, please-what is my gift? It was something that began to really bug me..and I felt slighted. I began to think about it all the time. I asked my children and my husband their opinion, as I could easily see their gifts. Well, one said, you're a dang good cook, mom. :peaceful: One said, maybe your gift is how much you love kids.." My husband said, "You're an exceptional artist! That's your gift!" :?: Well, I can paint and I've sold paintings over the years, but I didn't feel that was anything special. So, I continued to pray about it.

Not one to watch much television, I was bored one day and turned on the tv. A man was talking about recognizing your gift in life. WHAT?! My ears perked and I turned up the volume. It was an hour program and I was hanging on every word...maybe, just maybe, he'd say something that would help me. At one point, a lady said, "You know...I've never known my gift and it bothers me. I don't think I have one. How do you ever figure out if you do?" Yes, she asked what I was always asking!

He replied, "Your gift is the thing that comes to you so easily that you may never even realize it is your gift." And, he added, "It is something that comes to you so easily, in fact, that you may think everyone can do it." :hurt::hurt: And in that moment, I was like oh, my gosh!!! It is writing!!! :lemo:

DUH! Well, I still don't personally think of myself as anything special when it comes to writing, but I've never stopped hearing: "You should write books...' "You have a way with words"..etc. Before my mother passed away, she told me she had some things I might want. In a box was several pictures and papers. I began to unfold aged papers...and was shocked to see several poems I'd written as a little girl. Honestly, I was blown away...and I cried and cried. How can a child write poetry and no one ever point it out to the child to hone that skill? I don't blame anyone, rather I just wonder how that happens. I make a point to pay attention to the gifts my grandchildren are bringing forth in their life as I pray they know early on in life the thing they do that no one can do quite like them!

Thanks for having me here! :watermelon:


Hey, welcome, josealynn, I'm glad to hear you've found a direction and I hope you enjoy developing your gift for yourself and others. Nice to meet you. :)


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Self discovery is always a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't say that mine is writing though - but I do have a VERY long attention span, which helps.

As others have said, WELCOME!