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Do or do not. There is no try! (1 Viewer)

Hi WF Community! Happy New Year!!

For the last three years, I've been TRYING to write a non-fiction book for "next gen" leaders, titled: Create a Better World...Faster! Today (after kicking our very challenging "year of COVID" to the curb), I made the decision to DO it!

For 25+ years, I've been a servant-leader, creating and nurturing teams to deliver "nearly impossible" business/technology programs for BC Hydro, Boeing, Capgemini, Expedia Group, IBM, and Wall Data. I'm a USCG Licensed Master Maritime Captain with over 57,000 nautical miles, including four Pacific Ocean crossings and a visit by a Coast Guard helicopter when our sailing vessel sprang a leak during a gale. Today, I empower leaders and their teams on and off the water to leverage innovation and agility during these uncertain times. In the "second act" of my life, I intend to leave a legacy of healthier people, families, organizations, communities, and planet by sharing a proven leadership model based on my IP as well as Working Together, developed by my mentor and friend, Alan Mulally (retired CEO who turned around Boeing Commercial and Ford). I truly believe leadership is everyone's business; it is the lever that will move us forward to a better future...together.

I'm creating a leadership development company dedicated to identifying, developing, and collaborating with “next gen” leaders around the globe! With support from WF and other writing communities, I hope my published book and related thought leadership will truly inspire others to become more sustainable, agile, innovative leaders with ZEST! (oh...and Margaret, my wife of 30 years and family CFO, reminded me about my book being a calling card for attracting clients who share my values of love, adventure, overcoming challenges, leadership, and impact so I can continue to put food on the table while doing work I'm passionate and called to do!!)

I look forward to contributing to the WF community and being a leader-as-coach" to writers who, as "next gen" leaders, also seek to create a better world...faster!

Captain David Gallimore

Harper J. Cole

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Welcome aboard, Captain! Sounds like you have a clear vision of what you want to write, which is always a good place to start.