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Do Jungles Even Have Sunsets? (1 Viewer)

Cris V

Senior Member
On the beach, evening lingers
the orange stretching from cloud to cloud
as languorous as sunbathers deciding
to pack up chairs and towels
for the slow walk across sand
to the parking lot. Minutes slow
like grains sifting between
toes, sprawled beneath
the firelight above,
a deep breath
to finish the day.

Sure, you can see a sunset
in a jungle, urban or otherwise.
Shadows reach from peak
to canopy, for a moment,
before being swallowed
as quick as
a hand-slap,
one moment
the next


Poetry Mentor
Staff member
Senior Mentor
This is fabulous... the imagery is very skilled and sets a cool introspective vibe that resonates with me... and you have a couple of unique lines that make this poem special and completely unexpected... 2 of my favorite things ;)

This line:
"shadows reach from peak
to canopy, for a moment,
before being swallowed
as quick as
a hand-slap"
This is exquisite! And THIS is poetry.... ;)
Thank you for sharing.....

Cris V

Senior Member
Thank you, firemajic and Namyh! Glad you enjoyed my first offering.

As always, I appreciate any suggestions and crit offered.