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Diviner, the latest addition to my "spiritual" poetry (1 Viewer)


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This poem is a tribute to my wife, who had a whole lot to do with the dream and the recent realization of a family vacation in the Colorado Rockies. I got to climb/hike two "fourteeners," and had a wonderful time with my wife, my sons, and their families.

No matter that I slipped and fell "off" a mountain trail and hit my head against a rock! No signs of a concussion, but had a real shiner on my left eye as a souvenir! A few years back, I actually fell about 7 feet off a shelf of a mountain and landed face down in a bed of snow on a lower shelf.

Considering this unique history, I'll probably soon make my nickname here "Mountainfaller"! I hope to give mountain tours to novices in the future. If this dream ever materializes, my "schtyck" (sp?) will be: "I've already made all the mistakes, so you won't have to!"

Darrell (Mountainfaller) Moneyhon


She brought me to a tree.

I was already heading there,

but got lost on the leafy way,

in the shadows,

in the shade.

She brought me to a mountain.

I was already heading there,

but got lost on the rocky way,

on unstable rocks,

on gravel-slide.

She loosed my arms

so I could hug the tree,

gave me a cane carved out of love

so I could climb the mountain.

Years ago, she married me.

Now she remarries me

to the divinity I divorce.

She brings me to a tree.

She brings me to a mountain.


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This is a fine tribute to your wife and the contribution she has made to the realisation of your dreams. Sometimes, it takes a loving hand to give us the confidence to take those first steps towards the life we promise ourselves 'one day'. I like the way you use the metaphor of 'getting lost' to express the hesitancy to grab the nettle of life. I hope your wife enjoyed your poem?


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Thanks, Jenthepen,

It was an early anniversary gift. Our anniversary is 08/04, the 47th! Glad you mentioned "grabbing the nettle (I'll have to look up "nettle"!) of life." A poetic way of saying a theme that has been on my mind recently:

How do I really say Yes to life? How can I be fully accepting of it, bad included? Whether it is a psychological goal or a spiritual one, to be "all in" is an item I have on my bucket list. Can I maintain that attitude consistently from here on out?

The summit does appear within reach. Appreciation of the gift/blessing of my wife is like a walking stick or cane to help me peak that mountain. Lots of metaphors and analogies here! Befitting the name/nature of this forum, I suppose.

Thanks also for reminding me that life-enhancement (showing love, experiencing gratitude, enhancing a sense of meaningfulness, etc.) is the main objective of my poetry. Its aesthetic merits are secondary to that. Poems with a "take-away" of some sort. Tools in the tool box for building a rich life.



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Congratulations to you and your wife on your anniversary! Forty-seven years. Wow! Mutual love, support and respect is obviously working for you two! :)


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Thanks. Yes, I feel blessed, given a special something (a love relationship) that actually "works" for me. Today while running, I realized that I had not recently used an important technique to help out this old body exerting itself: to open up my heart and run as though I am simply hugging my wife. The theory is that something akin to quantum coherence improves the efficiency and/or resilience of a heart processing love energy. I truly believe the heart is an energy processing device, not merely a physical pump. We can learn to open up the heart to love. We can "turn on" love. And love really is, for the most part, a verb. Something we choose to do. But then a wonderful wife can be a very useful external cue or prompt or support to do love. I've been blessed with a good set of training wheels!

darrell mountainfaller moneyhon