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Mark Twain't

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Or more importantly, how to avoid them.

When I'm writing, my mind is in the story and I can tap away at the keyboard for a long while but the slightest interruption, whether that be a phone call, the doorbell or Mrs Twain't singing :eek: can cause me to lose focus and it could be hours until I can get back into that zone. Sometimes not until the next day.

As my mobility is limited, I can't just take myself off somewhere else as needed but I did read about writer's retreats just before the world ended which were around £30 per day I believe but I don't know if they're really worth it. I use an iMac and don't have a laptop so would have to be very nice to Mrs Twain't in order to borrow her Macbook (and hope she doesn't sing).


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Or more importantly, how to avoid them.
I have the same problem. But not the singing partner. Instead I have fresh forest air laced with horses clopping and Legion post Harleys popping and homeowners with Every-Gas-Powered-Tool-Ever and, lastly, across the way, there's April the Screaming Shih Tzu determined to ward off every dastardly squirrel, woodchuck, deer, dog, and human from within her many open windows.

Two things I do...

1. Wireless ANC (Automatic Noise/Neighbor Cancelling) Headphones. With or without music. Have made a world of difference for me. I got a cheap pair of Anker wireless over-the-ear headphones from Newegg and changed my apartment-living life. I slip them on and there's only me and time passing.

2. Meditation. Just sitting and practicing doing nothing teaches/reminds me that I alone decide what's in my mind. When I remember I have a choice it helps with quick and gentle recovery from distractions. This septuagenarian slacker's sketchy knee can't yet sit like a swami again but 20 minutes looking at a blank wall from an upright chair recharges me for an entire day.

Good writing.


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This may sound rude to the 'forum' but this has been a lovely distraction. Since my 'break' from writing, it is time I return, armed with a little more knowledge, ideas to try and improve, to, slowly, get back into the stories I created, to make them better, to share.

As distractions goes, this site has looked after me very well, but you have to sacrifice something in order to write, and I've spent a lot of time here, watching, reading, learning ... I need to put my learning into writing. Hope to soon share a story for reviews.

Happy writing.
If you don't have noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones, you can play music with a "wall-of-sound" or "noisy" effect (example) or brown noise (I personally hate the "hissing" of white noise when it's right in my ears). Or just play songs you are very familiar with, or the same 3-4 songs on repeat. I actually find that the least distracting, as brown noise can just make me fall asleep.