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Disco Pigs script (1 Viewer)

Asphyxiation Len

Senior Member
Hello all,

Does anyone know where I can locate a copy (or make a purchase on) the play script for Disco Pigs? It was penned by Edna Walsh. I saw a production in London and it was very good indeed. There is a film version of this which is also really very good.




From a Dublin library catalogue, Disco Pigs is included in this book (as well as other plays). I recently saw Walsh's latest play "The Walworth Farce", it's excellent if you get a chance to see it. Totally bizarre

RCN: 0413722708 Class number: 822.008 Title: Far from the land, new Irish plays, edited and introduced by
John Fairleigh, foreword by Sebastian Barry Format: Paperback
Copies: 6