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My Name Is Steven. I Come From A Swarm Of Places. Born In Texas, Lived In Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, And Mississippi, But I Now Reside In Tennessee. Im 18 Years Old. I Have A Mom, My Father Unfortunately Died When I Was 3, And I Have 2 Sisters. Ive Had A Pretty Hard Life For A Young Man To Be 18, But Thats How It Goes Sometimes. Im A Writer. I Love Poetry And Writing Lyrics. I Want To One Day Pursue A Career In Rap. Yes..Im White. But Dont Think Im Vanilla Ice Or Eminem. If You Have To Classify Me In A Group Of White Rappers..Think Haystak. Im A Pretty Rugged Dude. I Can Occassionally Be An Asshole, But Im Not Trying To Be A Hard Muthafucka In Any Ways. The Truth Speaks For Itself, So Dont Lie. But Dont Think Im Soft, Cause I'll Drop You Like Soap In Prison, Yuh Dig. But Anyways. Im A Friendly Dude, So If You Want To Hit Me [email protected], thats my msn messenger. Well, Holla At Me. Much Luv.


Hello old friend, lol. Glad you joined the site with me as well =]
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