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Sort of weird question.

Do you find your writing changes depending on the time of year? In any sense?

I find that I write much darker stuff in the colder months compared to the summer. I also find I tend to want to do more experimental or cerebral material around then and that generally it's a more satisfying time to write.

Holidays and (this year...) election season are incredibly distracting, though, so I tend to find January-March as the best 'writing season'. While I am better about it now, I still find it hard to really churn out word count when it's hot and sunny outside.


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I am a more prolific writer during the summer, when I can rise at six in the morning with the sun and work all day.


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I seem to be better at editing and finishing things in the fall and winter. Summer is for fun writing and first drafts and new ideas.

Unfortunately, this does not always match my to-do list.

Olly Buckle

Sitting in my little shed with the door open and sunshine streaming in seems more conducive to something new, a cold day, snug with the door shut and the heater on seems more like going over ideas in notebooks or re-working stuff that didn't quite work first time around. But I am not sure if that is true or simply the impression I have, I shall start noticing.


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Very early mornings are when my creative juices really flow, however early morning during summer starts at about 4:30, and during the winter at about 3:00 a.m. Summer writing is slow and day-dreamy, and I don't usually write anything into a large project other than thoughtballs on sticky notes. I can already tell with early winter that I'm ready to dig into something substantial and I'm excited that three of my larger projects could very well be wrapped up in the next few months. I also use the long dark hours of winter to review and expand on the inspirations from summer. I definitely notice an increase in active writing energy in the winter months.


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Not really, but I find I write the most usually during November, December, January, February, and March.

During that time, usually I will prioritize and put more time into writing than my main work.

Not because of the weather, but more like the feeling of "Oh sh*t, it's almost (insert year)!" that arise in end of the year period and "Oh sh*t, it's already (insert year)" in early of the new year
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