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Sometime your mind disagrees with your insides...

-Lonely, huh?
-Yup, so what, most people are, arent they?
-If that helps you.
-No, it doesn’t! It makes it worse, cause i feel like loosing everything special in me! The most boring story. You loose someone, you cry after her, than try to find someone else. And if you cant…
-You try to believe, she was the ONE.
-Happened with you too?
-You see, so than whats so fuckin special about the deepest feelings you can have?
-Well, its deep, not special, right?
-Dont you feel a bit average?
-Cause I have problems, like anyone else? Well if that supposed to lift me from the plebs, i would be in great trouble
-Than what does?
-Dunno, I dont really care. The thing is that I never tried to think of myself as someone, who feels deeper, or any other way as anyone else. There are very few, who can think of themselves that way. And they are probebly sick.
-Well everyone has something fucked up, deeper or higher, anyway. And I know I have, but i’m not like them. i dont wanna be.


Hey, Badger,

That's one of the more creative intros I've seen. Sounds like you have some angst but that just means you'll be right at home.

C'mon in and welcome to the forums.