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Devil- I've got some questions for ya! (1 Viewer)



My friend and I came up with an idea for a play, or a movie, or something about a man who dies and goes to Hell. The first thing he does upon entering Hell is find the Devil and begin to ask him ridiculous questions, all those little things you always wondered but didn't ask, as well as things like "Why do men have nipples?" "Why is 42 the secret to the Universe?" and "Where is the guy that made Geometry? I KNOW he's in hell!"

It would end with the Devil getting so fed up with the questions that he sends him to Heaven, which of course leaves room for the sequels "God, I've got some questions for ya!" and "Where's Purgatory?"

What do you think?


Senior Member
Very interesting idea, I don't see it lasting more than 10 minutes, but I think that it has potential and belongs on the stage.


This idea was done better by Irvine Welsh in The Acid House. A great twist as God as a drunk Scottish man.

It could make a good short but not a whole film!!!


It fits perfectly in an episode of MadTV. Really.
I can imagine Micheal Mcdonald as the Devil.

It could work as a movie, though.


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i agree this has along way to go to be something more then a sketch...

Do you really thin that its possible to keep an audience's attention for even an hour by simply asking questions?

Even if its a comedy where all the questions lead to some kind of comedic response you will lose the audience fairly quickly.

You could add some depth to it by adding an in depth portion on how the character died. What it was in his life that lead him to hell.

What did he do that was so horrible to not only get him sent to hell but that would make him important enough in hell for the devil to even speak with him when in theory there would be demons there that had been there for centuries and such that would in my mind seem far more fitting of the devils attention then some guy that just died...

Anyways its just some thoughts for you to possibly add depth to the story...


The idea you have of a man going to hell and asking questions to the devil should only be a small part of a movie or show. You need to build up momentum before he takes the trip to hell.

On the other hand if it is a sketch, then this would work from the start.