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Devil In A Box - A short horror film (1 Viewer)


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Hi all,

I just finished editing a short film and I thought I could share it with you guys.

First some things I learned during the process. Most importantly, it's not always the best idea to make props first and think about the script later. This film is a perfect example - any idea that starts with "Hey, we could make beards out of this stuff!" will face some serious problems later on.

It's extremely hard to write good dialogue when you know you are going to deliver those lines yourself later on. Writing prose is much "easier" in that sense - prose is just about "some guy". I think this is a skill that will develop over time, right now it's just quite hard for me to distinguish myself from the characters I play.

Sometimes people are overrated. If we had had a third person help us, then he probably would have held the camera most of the time. Now we were able to get some steady shots by placing the camera on a bicycle. I'm aware that such things as camera stands exist but it's really the same (only with 10x more hassle).

Finally, music is a huge part in creating the atmosphere. I'm not really that much of a musically gifted person but just by improvising some appropriate themes to the background the intensity of the film rose to a new level (from dead to bearable, perhaps). And it never hurts to have a decent microphone - especially if you are going to record all the dialogue afterwards.

So, to the film. Here it is, uploaded to YouTube. It's spoken in "crazy moon language" also known as Finnish but there are English subtitles. I hope you enjoy it!

Devil In A Box

I'm the guy in purple beard, by the way.


I'm completely impressed that got out there and made this film! Any time someone goes beyond the "Someday I'm gonna..." phase, I applaude them. You've not only moved past it, you've got yourself a completed project. Kudo's to you!

I can't say I understood the entire premise...they were carrying the Devil (in human form) somewhere...and it got loose? And why was the rock blessed then thrown?

I thought you did a great job in the editing. The angles and the way the camera cut from view to view were smooth (to me--someone not familiar with the in's and out's of film making).

Congrats on your film! I hope to someday say, "I remember him when..."


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I also thought it was fantastic for someone to write a script and then really go for it, filming it and all. What language is it in?
I also didn't understand the bit with the rock.
However, I thought the camera work was really good considering it was only a home camcorder.


I'm a sound guy by trade, and I have to say that this being a home-brew (for lack of a better term) film with just a few people, you did an excellent job. The music that you put in fit well, and it's an art to be able to find something to simply complement the picture. Considering you have no knowledge of sound or sound editing, it was excellent. The only gripe I had with the audio was the spoken lines, they sounded like they were being read by a computer voice, with barely any human value to them. The purple bearded man's lines seemed to be the better delivered of the two though.

As well, all your visual devices were great. I had no idea that the coffin was just a piece of cardboard until the rock hit it, I could've sworn it was like plywood or some extremely thin wood and you had built a coffin by yourself.

Some of the lines as well I couldn't help but laugh at, and they seemed silly, but it might just be the english translation. As already said too, the whole rock thing doesn't make any sense, and the shot with the red beard man rolling his eyes over and over puzzled me too.

All and all though, an EXCELLENT job for doing the best with what you had. You said you thought your film was bearable, I was entertained through the whole nine-ish minutes, even if by the end I knew what was going to happen.

Good job :)


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Keep shooting, you will get better over time, I'm sure you learned a lot just with this small project.

I just have a couple of things to comment on concerning the camera.

1. Watch for your screen direction. In the beginning you take it from right to left. And I think the characters take this box deep into the woods right? Then you need to keep them going from right to left. If not, then it seems they turn back to where they came from, or go in circles.

You can shoot the straight ahead shots with the characters coming right at camera, just make sure they pass on the appropriate side of camera.

2. I know it was just the two of you shooting, but make sure your coverage shots match your masters. Your eyelines were good, good job!

3. At 7:10 you cut into coverage that looked odd. Watch for your camera lines. When you shoot a master you draw a line that your camera has to follow with coverage. I quickly did a search so that you may understand this better, sorry if you already understand this...This will also improve your coverage and story telling....

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What's up Kelhanion, this was an okay short, I liked it. As an aspiring filmaker myself, I can appreciate the work you put into it. Great musical selection also. Keep it up....