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Hi Everyone,
I've been eyeing this website, in particularly the forum sections, and I thought I would now take the plunge and become a member. I'll start by divulging a little information about myself, as well as my long term intentions. I have been working in the IT/Web industry for 7 years as a Web Developer, building small and large-scale websites. The work involves lots of coding/writing in HTML, JavaScript, etc. Although I write code, I don't get to exercise my English-writing, communication skills as much as I would like. In the past, I have taken writing courses, which have shown me the nuts and bolts of grammar, style, inner voice, etc, but I feel that once the class is over, I stop writing...

I’m looking for a long-lasting relationship with the “Art of writing”, and I think an online community is a great way to nurture my appetite. It will force me to communicate (by writing, as appose to speaking), which will prompt others to critique my work, while at the same time, protecting my privacy. I’m looking forward to meeting you all. :mrgreen:

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Olly Buckle

The logical approach needed by your profession added to the knowledge you have acquired about writing should make you a valuable member from the critique point of view. I hope we can reciprocate to mutual advantage.
By the way, are you a no. 1 poet or do you write prose in the tone of Poe?


haha, Olly, the username that I'm is an alias I use to use during my High School days, when I was an "Artist". Fine artist, to be correct; As well as an amatuer rapper/poet.