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Description=book* :)! (1 Viewer)


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* Hi *
I am looking for any books in these criteria

-Contain a person unwilling to leave HS behind
-Funny book
-one about how teachers affect their students in a positive way
-Ghost story books

(hehe dont ask about any of the topics-- completely random)
Really I'm just trying to get into reading. Because it was always forced upon me, I barely read- but I truly believe reading more will imporve my writing....and expand my mind to its distances. I want something that doesnt lose grip at times and become slow-- need something thats a fast read cuz its so amazingly good-- thanks in advance :)!



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i know a movie called dangerous minds which is about a teacher who affects her students in a good way. If youre using it for research i would recommend it.


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There's a book called Ghost Story, by Peter Straub that is good, if a little long winded. Also try The Shining, by Stephen King, or The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson (which has been made into 2 movies, I think).

For comedy I don't think you can go past Ben Elton, anything by him will be good.