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Describe A Caption Competion (1 Viewer)


This is something I often do for fun. I'm not a particularly good artist but I often come up with mental stills with captions. We're on a writing forum, so what better place to put them! Let's 'read' yours. Here's mine for the day:

A hospital scene. For beds in a row, a patient on each. Two doctors are standing in the foreground discussing the patients.

On the far left Nigel has 'CNN' written on his drip feeder. In the next bed Tom has 'ABC' written on the drip feeder. In the next bed Mary has 'MSNBC' written on the drip feeder. And on the very last bed Samantha has 'FACTS' written on the drip feeder.

One doctor says to the other: 'I think we're going to have to put Samantha in isolation. She could be contagious'