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Demon Gate Trilogy (1 Viewer)



Lately I've been reading book one of the Demon Gate Trilogy: Black Bag, by Darryl Hutchinson. Although not published yet (the first nine chapters are available on the trilogy website www.DemonGateTrilogy.com) i'm totally hooked on the story and can't wait for him to release more free chapters, or get it published so I can read it all!

Black Bag is, for lack of a better description, an action adventure story that could easily be adapted into a movie form. The characters are diverse, the tension high, the government conspiracy everywhere. So far I can honestly say this is one of the top ten most enjoyable books i've ever been in the process of reading...since I haven't read the whole thing yet.

For those who love action adventure, government conspiracy theories, or shooting up bright green drugs in the back of a Charger, I recommend you check this book out. What do you have to lose when you can download it for free?