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Deity of liberation (1 Viewer)




“ Perception of crybabies is most painful feeling of modern civilized society. It may be represented to the extent of depression unto you, still a joyful experience to your master.
Despite all round advanced economy and perfection in humanistic approach, complex civilized society is now exhibiting its egotism in typical way by creating crybabies frequently. This is social sadism and its perception is subject to individual experience. Though concept of monarch is now outdated, still monarchy is alive in the psyche as permanently acquired natural imprint in our causal mind and it is being exploited through individual event of pleasure granting perception of totality in individual being through distinct style. This style is his unique reflection. This operating style represents a modern narcissist.”

I was having such philosophical feelings. In fact when you start talking unto self, self starts answering you. I thought that HINDU’S PHILOSOPHY OF REBIRTH MIGHT BE originated from this state of mind. Buddha’s universal and imperishable MIND was also being ratified through this unique event. So a natural question rose in my mind immediately “ whether is narcissism natural state of mind to everybody?”

It was a matter of investigation and I thought to collect evidence in support of this hypothesis.

It was a sheer incidence that while thinking so, I was not in talking terms with my wife for the last several months and to whom I did not divorce mercifully. Soon I read in the front page of a leading newspaper--- Charles was to marry kommila parker. ----- After three decade romance???

Not so mercifully. Next day KOMILLA’s statement was there “Charles requested to marry kneeling down before her”

Whether does egotism supersede our all other perceptions that we call love, romance, sex, lust etc?
No compromise with egotism. Perhaps woman liberation movement was also originated from these instincts.

Soon two women appeared before me. Both were grown aged. One of them appeared to be frank in interaction. She was not less than sixty still her manifestation was creative. She introduced herself a widow visiting her photographer son. She grasped my loneliness and started chatting. She was a HINDU lady but her perceptions for woman liberation were beyond the boundary of religion and culture.

She said, “ Do you know? Why are woman still bearing the social stigma of prostitution?”

I simply answered NO Madam.

She went on saying further, “ Because they are pro-Institution.”

I politely reacted,” But woman is originally creator of these institutional values”

She calmly answered,” That is why she still can’t go beyond these values out rightly”

“Then what to protest?” I asked submissively.

“ This represents male bigotry” she vehemently reacted.

“You know man has defiled institutional values and attempted to dictate these values in the name of religion. He went on misrepresenting these laws as dictation of GOD-- A genderless body impersonate.” she continued

“ Now woman shall have to create their own GOD dictating new institutional values.” She concluded.

‘ How can you ensure that woman’s GOD shall dictate these values so absolutely that leaves no scope for criticism from man’s side”, I reshuffled issue.

‘ Simply because woman’s deities are narcissist. They carry arms in one hand and mirror in another hand. MIRROR ensures their transparency which has nowadays been covered by the defiled institutional values created by the man ,” She immediately explained.

She parted with this statement and left me alone to synthesize whether crybabies were offspring of this frustrated female deity. Shall de novo institutional values post such liberation movement not endure with this sadism? Shall the statue of liberty in America hold the magical mirror of that deity along with its nuclear torch?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2/12/2005


Senior Member
i suspect that english is not your first language and for that reason, this needs a lot of work to make it make sense to english-speaking readers...

you seem to have something important to say, so i hope you will work with a seasoned writer who has a good command of colloquial english, to make this understandable to those you want to reach...

many of my mentees are in other countries, including the subcontinent... i'm currently working with some in india and its environs, helping them with just this kind of 'translation' problem... so, if you'd like some help, just drop me a line...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]