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My name is Deis, and I was bullied into joining.

I do a little work as a freelance copywriter, and I'm working on developing other kinds of writing, too, particularly short stories. I write reviews for books, games, and films, and they can be found on Neoseeker.com, HookedGamers.com and CurledUp.com.

It is nearly midnight, and I'm drained, so don't expect me to show my creativity right now.:(


Welcome, Deis!

While I ordinarily frown on bullying, in this instance it seems to have worked out okay. :D



Welcome. I love short stories. Where are they?

I'm working on a new one right now, actually. It's about a football match, which is a little odd, because I've no interest in football. My boyfriend is, so I just nagged him for details.

I'll probably post it when it's done.