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Defining Monster (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
Defining Monster...

under the bed
in the closet
a dark alley

these figments
lent the fear

fear that became
a need to try
to see the edges


so many faces
truths revealed
in eyes and limbs

these figments

of a need
of purpose

to prove
to prevail

these figments
have hold
of a compass point

actions defining...


Senior Member

what I like most about this is the way in which the definition remains oblique. In a sense the writer in defining monster is only articulating the fear that leads to the creation of fear, distrust and paranoia. As a piece this works so well to comment on how society can in a sense create their own demons and targets for public ire.



Annie. Marie

Senior Member
Great read. I love the eerie feel.
For an edit, maybe think about rewording L11 and L15. This is just a personal edit since I never liked the sound/sight of the same noun being mentioned so close together.
Thank you for sharing!