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Deeper Velvet (1 Viewer)


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Deeper Velvet

Decadence his deception, a deeper velvet plush
of the Dark and from the Dark, his name hushed
Th’dore, lone Knight in search of Gibbous Stair
Dread Bear mount the charge, fears to shush

Black without light, cloaks stealthy, small might
Fins without water, wings without air, quiet flight
Phi on the back of an Endling: Leaf, a Maple Ray
String of pearls in hand, constellations to ignite

Dread Bear on the waves of the lost Ebb Shore.
Ears a’flicker he, listens for the coming Lore.
Where sea starts and sky ends, only Phi knows.
Look for the deeper velvet at that Tidal Door.

Steady on now, crimson beast, glowing black
Impossible Phi a limpet, clinging to his back.
Flying blind, senses wide in search of a time
the prepositional path guarded by deaf Tack.

Tack, he of muted ears, felt that pale sound
the bending of the world, Phi’s eerie round
written in a sting of pearls and flute of bone
it echoed beyond the Door of the Drowned.

In Time. The prepositional transition needed.
This is the way, a Roaring Hedgehog heeded
the call, bending the ripples, reality and all.
Tack in Phi's slipstream as the shore receded.

Phi felt the bite of cold brass against her back,
Cleverly, the hedgehog and deaf hyena, Tack
in her bubble bound, Phi at the fabled door
that gave safe passage through endless black.

A door to the Deeper Knight at the Ebb Shore.