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Deca By Geoff Tims (1 Viewer)



I recommend Deca by Geoff Tims which I bought recently. As I have said in my other post on the site, the book is very powerfull and exciting. His words seem to fly off the page straight into your mind and his poetry takes you to places that you may not want to go because they are very powerful and exciting. I wrote to the author at www.geofftims.co.uk to tell him that i enjoyed his book but I did not expect him to reply. I could not believe it when within a couple of days he wrote back and thanked me and asked to see some of my work which i sent. I told him that i have never been published before and i was hoping to start writing material to get it published. Geoff Tims gave me some great advice about preparing my work and who to contact. He told me that he does not only write poetry but also fiction and true crime and said that I should have ago at writing a novel as well as poetry. Great Advice.