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Debating to join... (1 Viewer)

So what are some of the best reasons to do the NaNoWriMo this year?

Do I have to be on the internet every day or is it just whenever I can make it before the 30th?

And is there any set theme or is that my choice?

Thanks in advance!!

Writer Kitten

Senior Member
1) Best reasons? Just. Because. It's a personal challenge and if you do it, you can brag about it.

2) You only have to have internet access to verify on November 30th. Other than that, if you want to do it completely offline, that's your choice.

3) You can write anything you want at all, as long as you write your first word on Nov 1.

I'm using NaNo to make me work on a rewrite. Just because. I've used it in the past to turn out some remarkable crap.

It's really just a fun personal challenge.


Senior Member
Honestly it is totally awesome.... the feeling that I had throughout November of last year was so much fun... I really can not wait until Nov 1

There are a lot of people that write serious stuff during Nano, but I use it to goof off and purposely write some crazy crap... My novel is going to be crammed full of dares from the dares thread... it is going to be totally off the wall...

this is going to be fun.... I cannot wait!

O. Imaddrine

I just created an account for the first time. I've always wanted to write a novel, I know I have it in me, but I can never seem to get started. With an actual deadline looming (I take challenges, personal and others, very seriously) I know I can do it. I work wonders under pressure. Hopefully this will be the year I finally do it! You should do it too, you never know what you're capable of....


Senior Member
I can warmly recommend Nano to everybody. Even if you end up writing something totally goofy, it will be a very liberating experience. Personally I think taking part in Nano has developed me as a writer. I normally have problems writing anything fictitious due to my inner critic but Nano is big enough to get me started. Doing it again and again will probably loosen me up. This November will be my second Nano, and I'm so excited!