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Death (2 Viewers)


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Have you ever wondered about death? Thought about it? I have always looked at people who feared death or who mourned the dead with a sense of wonder and puzzlement. Life no longer holds any joy for me. I am young and yet I am old. I am in pain. And every waking second I feel like falling over, crying, screaming to the skies. Yet Death calms me. I have no fear of death. I hide nothing from death. I have wanted it so long now that I have no secrets from it and it no secrets from me. So many times while lying there in pain or walking about trying to pretend like I am fine, I have explored death and what it is and what it means. To me it is a release from misery. It is a graduation from life moving on to whatever is next. Some people may find me weird that I am comfortable with death. Yet I feel as if it is just something that happens naturally. Something that we should never fear or step away from. It is something that will happen sooner or later. So why hide yourself from something that will happen no matter what you do. Why not welcome it with open arms. Wait for it to come to you so that you can introduce yourself by name saying now is my time and I am content. This is how I feel. Maybe someday life will change and I will be happy again. I am not talking about the occasional happiness when you get a good grade or go play basketball or get a smile from a beautiful woman. I am talking about when you are truly happy. Yet if that time does come before my death, still will I always appreciate death and understand it and its necessity. Not only that but I will welcome it with my arms open and my heart and mind extended, embracing it all enveloping warmness. I am not emo. I am not a devil worshipper. I am just content with the idea that my life will be at an end and I am al the more content with the faster that it is over.


Not usually my cup of tea to begin with, the whole death thing. It seems to be a bit dark in some ways, and reads almost like a suicide note. Tis not a bad thing, if thats your style though. Could fit in nicely on a larger scale, say a character digression in a short story; that is unless you are keeping it as more of an article of sorts.

Nice insight though.



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"Good friends are like angels. You don't have to see them to know they are there."

Hon, whatever it is that your going through, death is not the answer. We are here on this earth to learn. To learn to love ourselves, to learn to love others, to learn to love the world, to learn to love the universe. It is through hardships and suffering that we are stretched emotionally, spiritually. Forcing us to expand our understanding of 'Life'. Whatever it is that your going through, it is a challenge and a lesson to be learned. Death is a cop out. Not an answer or a solution to a problem. If you think that things are so bad and so you are going to die, all that will actually happen is that you will have to come back and face whatever it is your up against again. You will repeatedly be brought back until you learn the lesson the challenges in your life are brining you. Believe me, life is ups and downs. This moment in your life will pass. The joy you are speaking of is not real. A smile from a pretty girl, the pleasure of walking down a summery sunlit street taking in the fragrance of flowers as you go by :flower:, those are the joys of life. There is no constant high. Just sweet temporary moments. Those small moments will sustain you, refresh you. But life is about problems and handling them and learning. You must go on and you must begin reaching for goals in your life. Pulling yourself up. Take care of yourself. Be your own best friend sweetie. Don't let yourself down. Everything in your life is up to you. You are in control. :thumbr: