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Is it working?

Yeah. Hello!
How do you do?

My name is Mark, but I use the name Shavixmir on the internet. There are two very good reasons for doing this. The first is that there are an awful lot of Marks (although a good deal less since the introduction of the Euro) out there; I wouldn't remember if I wrote something or if it was someone else!
And the second reason is that Shavixmir sounds very interesting. Exotic, teetering on the brink of a heinous mutation between Lord of the rings and Al Qaeda and everyone wants to know where the name comes from...

Well not everyone. Obviously. That was artistic license.

I hope to get to know some of you very well, a lot of you reasonably well and a few of you not at all.
I'm looking forward to reading your writings, scribblings and jots... if that's actually a word at all...

Read ya soon!


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Rule #1: Don't tell a forum your name and then say you'd like to be called by a longer, more complicated nickname. People will almost always stick to your real name.

With that said, welcome and enjoy the Spam™ burgers. They're especially good with cheese.
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Off Topic: I just noticed your signature, wheelz. Just thirty-seven? Lovely. Guess I'd better get shopping. Tomorrow. Maybe. (lol)