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David Sedaris - 'Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim' (1 Viewer)


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David Sedaris doesn't seem to be all that well known in the UK, but I believe he's quite distinguished in America.

He writes mostly short stories (mainly dark humour and satire) - 'Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim' is his latest and is hillarious.

Recommended to anyone who needs a laugh. :wink:

Also by David Sedaris (recommended): 'Santaland Diaries' and 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'
I love David Sedaris! He's so absolutely amazing. I wish I had more of his books. My father had "Me Talk Pretty One Day" but he's lost it, so now I have to go find another copy for myself. But yes, David Sedaris is definitely a good pick for comedic purposes.


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Yep, 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' is good, but I prefer 'Dress Your Family' and 'Santaland Diaries'. I got a signed note from David Sedaris for Valentines day this year - not actually from Sedaris, of course, but an (ex-)friend got David S to sign it as he was at a signing in London and I was unable to go, and then he gave me it for Val's Day. Nice thought. Wrong bloke.


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I've read Dress your Family.... Dave isn't too well known in Canada. The Canadian equivalent would be Stuart MacLean, who is huge. He has a CBC radio show that is quite popular. I prefer him, but Dave wasn't bad.


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'Me Talk Pretty One Day' is a great read....I have 'Dress Your Family...' as an audio book (lots of traveling this summer so it's great to pass the time on planes lol)...but yeah...'Dress Your Family..' seems so dark compared to other things I've read. I'm really enjoying it, it's very dark and sad....I love David Sedaris' work. <3