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David Gemmell (fantasy) (1 Viewer)


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I started reading Gemmell about 2 years ago, and I can't seem to stop. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, and Gemmell does it right. I know there are bigger names out there like Martin, Jordan, Salvatore, etc., but I am equally impressed, if not more, with Gemmell's stories. I don't mind the old 1000+ page fantasy, but sometimes I just don't feel like dedicating most of my energy into those (especially if the plot is moving slowly). It is rare to find a Gemmell book over 500 pages; he keeps the action going all the time and there is a great realness to his characters. If you like fantasy, give David Gemmell a try - you won't be let down.

I've read a few of his books but i find his plots to be a little bit to... repatative. I'm not saying the stories are the same, just that it always turns into a love story and becomes somewhat cliche. I really enjoyed The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. It's a trilogy and you might like it. It's pretty fast moving and original.


I love the Rigante series, though i also found him to get repetitive in other books. I wouldn't buy anymore of his books but the Rigante series are one of my favourites.
They were one of my first fantasy series, and they all but blew me away at the time.


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I read his Stones of Power series. It was a bit hard to get into, but I loved how he tied everything together.