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Hi folks

I am a middle aged amatuer writer, currently in my 45th year of life, and in roughly my 9th middle aged crises year. I am English, but not a little Englander. To be honest, I'm not a little anything: belly, mouth etc, all pretty big. I have spent some wonderful times with other writers in my local area and some time on a smaller writers forum, getting the hang of this cyber space techno thingy.

Can't think what else to say about me at present, other than to say my writing, and the writing I like to read, is normally a bit off centre, or from left field. You know, a bit odd? Not so odd that it is unintelligible, but a little something to occupy one's mind along the journey.

I'll leave the last note to my beautiful and hopefully not to honest wife number one, who asked to describe me in ten words says:

kind, stubborn, caring, sarcastic, passionate, affectionate, beligerent, neurotic, obssesive, and lovable.


Welcome, sobaditsgreat! Sounds like a ringing endorsement from your wife (mostly) so c'mon in and make yourself comfortable. Nice to have you here.