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Darren White and Vaso Publishing Inc. (1 Viewer)


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This is wee shout out for Darren Whites book, Intrinsic Brightness.

What a year it has been. With all the challenging and personal obstacles to overcome, it has been so much fun working with everyone getting Darren's book out there!

This was such a team effort by people all over the world. I am proud the book cover was designed by a fellow poet from Canada, Maureen McGreevy, Paintings by Rick Keeble, Seren Roberts, Sara Sohns, and Anna Lund.

Anyone interested in a copy can contact me because although is available on Amazon, we can also ship a book direct, from Canada, USA, or Europe.

The last week I have been in malls and book stores selling the book, and learning all along the way. We had so much help from people on soup and other web sites as well as so many people locally who pitched, right down to people making posters for events.


I am not sure how many know, but Darren is both autistic and paralyzed from the waist down, so his mobility is somewhat impaired. So every day, after an event, I would always have little stories to tell him of what happened, that would make us both smile.


Here are a few re-actions from the book.

One evening after selling the book, a few people came over to chill, and one person who is well known for being a little loud, let's say lives for parties, picked up the book and started reading it. He sat in the corner quiet as a mouse and read the book from cover to cover. It seemed so out of character, and it made me smile thinking of that old expression "never judge a book by the cover".

Another day, this older woman approached and asked about the book, and explain its the poetry of Darren white, who is autistic, and well her eyes lit up, as her grandson also is autistic, and then she went on to describe his days and how smart her grandson was, he could take about a bicycle and put it back together in less than 4 minutes.

At one booth, I had out the book, brochures, posters chocolates and a stack of business cards. Now there she was a little girl of three maybe 4 years old, looking at the booth with wonder. She was also planning her attack, she waited for her mum to walk a bit further away, then comes a running to the booth. I am smiling thinking ok , what will she make off with the books or the chocolates?


Well is was neither, she zoomed in on the stack of business cards, grabbed them and made off with them in a flash! Was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time. All the people inside the coffee shop burst out laughing!

The there was this older lady who as soon as she saw it was a poetry book, bought a copy, and we got to talking, after she read a few poems, and she started to tell me about her brother her joined the air force in 1939, and fought in world war 2. He was never the same after she said, but I was touched how Darren's book would just make people open up and talk about themselves. Everyone has a story!


One day a few college kids passed by the booth, watched the video presentation (done by none other than Sara Ella from Poetry Soup) and they all bought a copy. I could go on, but this gives you an idea of the small stories I got to tell Darren at the end of every day!


Now, I would like to thank someone special, yes thank you Darren. Many do not know but Darren speaks five languages, I barely get by with one. He inspires me, and helps me when I need a push. Thank you brother.

However I attempt in English and French and Darren has not only been editing and correctly my writings but also teaching me. This in itself has encouraged me to move forward. He has also introduced me to other kind people who are "doers" and to be surrounded by people that have goals and dreams. To work with motivated team players is key, and Darren shows great leadership qualities in this regard.

My friend and teacher.



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You are such an amazing person, Art. Thank you so much for sharing :) A treasure to be sure. Although I've read Darren's book many times, his words never fail to move me to tears. I hope the promo is still going well. I'll also promote this on social media.

Darren White

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Thanks so much Art! :)
I love how we published the book, we learned a lot from it, didn't we? On to the next book to publish!